3 Ways To Maximise Your Facebook Ad Conversions

It’s fairly easy to get Clicks on your Facebook Ads. A good image and headline will do most of the work for you, but the real power comes from targeting along with these 3 Ad Must-Haves:

1. The Ad Image Must Reflect The Landing Page

Choose an image that fits with your brand, your call to action and most of all gives the audience a taste of what’s in store and increases their willingness to engage. For example, don’t have use a cheesy stock image if your Facebook Page prides itself on setting itself apart from the mainstream.

You wouldn’t put a C-Grade image in a press ad, or your catalogue, so don’t take short cuts on Facebook, just because you can. Use the same quality control of images you would use for traditional media, and try to use a shot from the landing page if possible.

2. The Landing Page Must Portray Your Personality – Your Brand’s Or Your Own

Don’t sell straight away, unless you’re marketing to your Page Community who already know you. Best practice is to assume they don’t know you yet, and you need to introduce your brand or yourself in the appropriate way. You wouldn’t meet someone at a networking event and get out your credit card processor in an effort to get the sale, so don’t put a big Add To Cart button straight up on your landing page.

3. An Email Opt-In or Facebook Page Like Prompt Takes Pride Of Place

The power of Facebook Ads lies in building your community via Likes and/or emails so you can build engagement and sales over time. Make sure your landing page offers a specific and enticing reason for those who click to connect with you. This also means featuring professional graphics and layouts on either your Facebook Page tab or your landing page, this adds credibility. Where possible, a decent number of Likes or testimonials will also illicit trust and drive a lead conversion for you.

These tips support your Facebook Ad strategy and will make sure your cost per lead remains effective and will lead to more sales in the long run. What do you think of this ad and it’s corresponding landing page?


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