BIO : Victoria Gibson

Hi, I’m Victoria Gibson.

I’m here to help people succeed in the business of Facebook Marketing.  It’s what I’m good at, and most of all, what I enjoy.


Victoria GibsonAfter a corporate career in property, driving successful marketing and ad campaigns for businesses here in Australia, I decided to make a big change in my life. I decided to walk away and take my commercial knowledge and life experience, and bring more purpose to my work, and balance to my life.

With an entrepreneurial streak that could no longer be denied, I launched the Facebook Advertising website FB Ad Queen in 2011. Shortly after, I began successfully managing Facebook Ad campaigns for clients as diverse as major retail stores & shopping centres to nutritionists and photographers.

It was exhilarating to run my own business and after a few years into the success of FB Ad Queen, I realized that I needed a bigger hub of services to provide end-to end solutions for global businesses both big and small. Your unique business goals are quickly translated into effective Facebook marketing strategies with the help of my branding, marketing and social media marketing expertise.

At Marveo, we have unique insights into your targeted audience and a plan to profitably connect with them on Facebook. We will support and guide you to create an effective brand on Facebook, reach out to an eager audience of hungry buyers, and create an ongoing and valuable dialogue.

We do everything from complete Facebook Campaign Management to Facebook Page Creation and Page Posting and Management. We also have multiple training options so you can learn and implement yourself with the education, guidance and support you need.

Victoria Gibson Official Bio:

Victoria Gibson is a Facebook Advertising Expert who shows businesses how to use the power of Facebook Ads to attract and influence more customers. As the Founder of Marveo, she has helped countless brands establish and grow their presence on the world’s biggest social network.

With unparalleled insights and up-to-the-minute knowledge of Facebook, she leads highly profitable campaigns that drive targeted leads, increase customer awareness and boost sales. Her weekly Facebook marketing videos and blogs reach over 11,000 people across the globe, and she has been a popular Speaker at Underground Online Seminar, Affiliate Summit East, Traffic & Conversion Summit, Social Fresh – Advanced Facebook Ads Conference, Museum Stores Association Conference and Franch Out.

As the creator of Sell More With Facebook Ads and Real Estate Impact, her online training programs help small business owners and entrepreneurs apply her high level Facebook strategies with big results.

A proud Aussie based in Melbourne, Victoria regularly makes the long trip to the US to stay on the cutting edge of social media marketing and manage her New York office. Unafraid to tell it like it is, she is passionate about getting more businesses to use Facebook and reap the rewards.

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