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This Week’s Facebook Ad Insights

With my nose in so many of my client’s and my own Facebook Advertising campaigns, I thought it may be valuable to share some ACTUAL findings with you.

The Facebook Ads landscape changes so fast, that what worked a month ago probably isn’t working today… or maybe even what you tried yesterday isn’t working today.

GRRRR, it can be SO frustrating!

OK, so here’s some REAL results that you can test that I know have achieved great results in the trenches.

Try them and see if they improve your campaign results:

Increase Your Budget & Monitor Closely

As competition on Facebook increases, it seems that Facebook is happy to reward you if you raise your hand and tell them you want to throw them some cash.

Now you don’t actually have to spend tons of cash, just act like you’re about to and then sit by and watch as your Cost Per Lead comes down.

Once Facebook start displaying your ads more, you’ll see more activity and interaction. And if your ads are constructed right, you should start to see the leads flow in.

So, create a daily budget of at least $500 (don’t worry, you don’t have to spend that), and sit by to watch how it starts to move. Once you start to see the results, either pause or change the daily budget to what you actually want to spend.

That way, Facebook will give you priority and serve your ads at a better price.

Shift Your Targeting

If you’re stuck trying the same old targeting, it’s likely that your competitors have cottoned on and are using the same ones you are.

Given that Facebook price their ads based on demand for displays to your audience, you are paying more than you need to.

So, start thinking creatively and find those pockets of targeting that are less obvious and less competitive.

This brought one of my ads down from a link click of $1.05 in the business coaching niche to $16c!

And the best part was that the leads we got were still great quality.

Go stalking some Facebook profiles and Google your area of expertise to find some new targets to test.

Pay Attention To The Time You Start Your Ads

Ensure your ads get the best possible start by launching them at peak times.

It’s best to split out your countries and test whether the peak of the morning or the peak of the evening influences how the ads run.

Often, people combine their target countries and launch the ads when they get round to it.

Not all of your perfect clients will be on Facebook when you press GO, so be strategic about when you kick them off to give them the best possible chance of success.

AND if you first try and it doesn’t fly, then try another time.

Don’t “flog a dead horse”, if it flops… scrap it and try again.

Facebook Ads can rarely be resurrected, they need to be reborn.

Want help running profitable Facebook Ad campaigns? Let me do an audit on your current campaign – completely FREE.

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Target Fans & Friends Of Fans With Facebook Ads

Is it really worth building up your Page Likes on Facebook anymore?

With all the talk of declining Facebook Page engagement, the fact is that space in your client’s newsfeed has never been more competitive.

This isn’t going to change any time soon, and if anything, it will only get worse as more and more businesses jump on the Facebook Ads train.

So what to do with all those Facebook Page Likes you have already built up? Or do you even bother growing them?

Facebook Page Likes are still important for authority in your market (lots of Page Likes generally equal more credibility), and Facebook is like  secondary interwebs now where people are searching for information about you and your business, so it’s always worthwhile to have a strong presence.

Even if your reach is declining, your posts still will reach your Facebook Fans and the more engaging they are, the more of those fans you will reach. So don’t give up, but do get smart.

If you already have Facebook Fans you can make sure they see all your posts and offers by targeting them specifically with Facebook Ads. The advantage of this is that you get higher engagement on these ads which means lower cost and bigger reach. You also get the opportunity to target Friends Of Fans – people like your people.

Watch this video to see more:


The heart of this issue is that you want as many of your fans on your email list so you can contact them at any time, and if you don’t already have a good number of Page Likes, they are worth building up as they are going to be a source of warmer leads for your business.

The best ways to grow your Page Likes is by creating interesting, relevant and engaging content for your Facebook Page and running Facebook Ad campaigns. But regular Facebook Ad campaigns are fine to grow Likes – you don’t have to run Page Like Ads specifically as Newsfeed Ads can still grow Likes as well as website visitors.

Are you a Coach or Consultant who’s ready to create a rocking Facebook Ad campaign that pulls in high quality leads every day? If so, you need more than basic tips, you need a full strategy and sales funnel. Want me to create one with you? Apply here for a strategy session and I’ll tell you exactly what it will take.

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How To Use The NEW Facebook Ads Creator

Yes, Facebook has been at it again and although I only just updated you with changes to the Ads Manager last month, they’ve gone and tweaked it again.

In this video I teach you what all the elements are and demonstrate how you could use them for your business.

Click on the video to discover all the new features:


I’ve tried the Page Post ads and they have been working quite well. What about you? What’s been working for you in the world of Facebook marketing this month? In the comments below, let me know.

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Important! New Update To Facebook Ads Is Now Live

It’s now easier to create Facebook Ads from scratch with brand new Ads Creator released by Facebook yesterday. And although it’s much easier to create an ad, you need to know about the change that radically affects how much you pay, and I’ll tell you what it is in this quick video.

Click below to find out why you need to be careful which option you choose to avoid paying too much:

You can’t choose CPM (Cost Per Impression/Display) for your Facebook Ads if you’re sending your clicks off Facebook.

This isn’t a major issue in my opinion, as I always recommend bidding CPC (Cost Per Click) anyway. But make sure you pick the right objective so you don’t inadvertently select CPM for your Ads to Facebook objects.

Got questions? Stop by My Facebook Page and ask them! I’d love to help you out.

Want me to teach you how to create winning ad campaigns that get your brand noticed by the right kind of customers? Check out my online coaching program where you get access to all my best tips and advice risk-free. Click here.

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Sure-Fire Facebook Ad Success Story

I’ve posted a quick video here today to share with you an “Easy Winner” Facebook Ad that not only serves it’s target audience well, but also serves the advertiser who is looking to drive more traffic to their site.

Check it out here:

So, from this simple example, we can see that when you know your audience well, you craft a strong call to action and set up the right pathway to meet your primary objectives you will get your ads right, time and time again.

Want to find out how to get your Facebook Ad Campaign foundations right? Well, I’m going to show you some of my best tips FREE on a special webinar coming up next week.

Click here to register for this special online training where I’m sharing with you how to “Boost Your List Fast With Facebook Ads”. Although I will try my best to record it, I can’t guarantee a recording will be available, so it’s best to make sure you’re there!

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Target Friends Of Your Fans With Sponsored Stories

There’s no stronger influence on what you buy than what your friends buy.

Think about it. When you bought your last car did you think about the cars your friends have, or did you pick your car because your friends don’t have it? Either way, I’m sure it influenced your purchase in some way. Like it or not, we are more easily influenced by our friends than by advertising.

That’s where the beauty of Facebook comes in to play. They have merged the two, and you now have the chance to take advantage of what is commonly called “social endorsement” when you advertise on Facebook. These are known as Sponsored Stories.

Sponsored Stories appear more like a Facebook update than an ad, following the “friendly update” style of post rather than a straight-out ad. They show Facebook Users when their friends Like someone, a brand, a product or service or a Post from a Facebook Page.

What does this mean for you? It means you now have the chance to leverage the friends of the Fans you already have on your Page, and you can tap into the “me too” cycle of buyer behaviour. Because we tend to trust our friend’s recommendations way more than we trust that of advertisers, Sponsored Stories generate more trust and can illicit a greater response than other types of Facebook advertising.

You can only use Sponsored Stories when:

– You are sending traffic to your Facebook Page

– You have a succinct Facebook Page Title or use your name

They work best if:

– You have at least 500 Fans on Your Facebook Page

– You still use specific targeting to get replicas of your current fans as much as possible (you don’t want to waste your time targeting their parents if they’re not your market)

– You have a custom landing tab set up on your page to capture leads as well as Likes (check out Lujure for this). You can also use Page Post Like Sponsored Stories (that’s a mouthful).

What do they look like?

Here’s an example of two types of Sponsored Stories, the original style is on the left which promotes your Friend’s name in the Ad, and the other Page Post Like promotes how many people liked or commented on your post:

What are the benefits?

– They can often be cheaper than other types of Facebook Ads, particularly if you get the targeting right.

– You don’t have to come up with any snazzy copy!

So, if your Page already has more than 500 fans, why not try out Sponsored Stories as a Like and List Building strategy? Let me know if you have any success by leaving me a comment on my Facebook Page.

For my lovely American friends, wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving on Thursday. Enjoy your Turkey 🙂

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Pay Less For Your Facebook Ads

One the many benefits of Facebook Ads are that they are cheaper than other forms of paid advertising, especially Press, Radio and TV. You can build an audience for your brand on the world’s most active and engaged social networks in a month for less than the cost of one Press Ad.

Because Facebook Ads are like the eBay of the advertising world, and market demand and competition dictate what you pay, there are a couple of savvy ways you can use market forces to get better value for your dollar.

Firstly, pay attention to how the Broad Interest Targeting and Precise Interest Targeting you use affects the Suggested Bid. Select a few interests, then add and subtract to determine which ones are cheaper. Obviously, you still need to make sure the interests represent your audience, but you can really bring down the bid price by playing around with your targeting this way.

Some advertisers do less research about their audience than you would, which means there are some great interests you could target that are less obvious and therefore cheaper.

Run your ads on weekdays rather than weekends because there is generally less competition and prices should be lower. If you check prices daily, you may also find other pockets of low prices as demand fluctuates. If you have some ads paused ready to go, you can be nimble enough to take advantage of cheaper ad prices as they arise.

So, take action on your next campaign and start researching Facebook Pages, books, movies and online communities that are most likely to appeal to your target market, but may be less known. You can use Google, Facebook Search and Amazon as great starting points to understand the brands your target market has an affinity with, and then use this information for Precise Interest Targeting.

Don’t forget you can also set your daily ads budget to ensure you don’t overspend, and that you are always in control.

If you need more advice and tips on your Facebook Ads, you can book a coaching session with me, where you get 30 minutes for $150 and learn the basics to get better value from your Facebook Ads.



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Your 5 Step Guide To Getting Started With Facebook Ads

Apologies to the more advanced of you out there, but this week I am helping out the Newbies with a quick guide to what they need to know to get started. Please feel free to share this (press a button on the left or forward) with anyone you feel may want an introduction to the benefits of Facebook Ads.

If you haven’t tried Facebook Ads yet, what are you waiting for? Facebook Ads are a fast, cheap and completely measurable way to reach your ideal target audience.

The basics of Facebook Ads are easy to grasp with many DIY advertisers getting great results. In order to get among the ranks of successful Facebook Advertisers try following these 5 easy steps:

1. Have a Clear Call To Action

You must have an offer, message or directive that is engaging and compelling if you want to attract Facebook Users to click on your Ads.

Think along the lines of:

“Sign Up Now For These Exclusive Offers”

“Get In The Know With The Best Insider Events”

“Get 50% Off This Weekend Only”

2. Carefully Craft Your Click Destination

Facebook Ads work on a Pay Per Click basis, that means if you select the CPC bidding method you only pay when a user clicks on your Ad. This is great because it means there is no wastage,  and you can track exactly how many people have engaged with your ad. The next step is then getting your target audience to take action and either sign up or buy your offer.

Conversions are closely aligned to the content and layout of the Website, Landing Page or Facebook Page that you choose to send your Ad traffic to. You must make sure that the page you select follows on from the call to action in your ad, and it must be easy for the user to know what you want them to do, and compelling enough to make them want to do it.

Make your Sign-up Form king of the page, try a “Reveal Tab” on Facebook that asks users to Like your Page, or have a clearly visible Buy Now Button. Make sure your visitors do not have to look too far for the essential information, and make sure they do not leave without you being able to contact them again!

Think carefully about the advantages of choosing to send your ad traffic to your Facebook Page instead of your Website. Facebook Pages can easily replicate key elements of your website using Custom Tabs and you get the added benefit of the “sharing” effect of Facebook, and you may also find a higher level of trust from your prospects when you keep talking to them on Facebook.

3. Study Other Ads

If you’re new to copy writing and creating great headlines that draw attention, then become a student of effective copy writing. Look at ads online and offline to see what captures your attention and see if you can find some successful examples within your own market to be inspired by.

Correct spelling and grammar is a must, but punchy and clear copy writing is always the most effective in Facebook Ads. If you can say it in less words, then do. Simple.

4. Curate Your Image Gallery

High quality, relevant images are everything in Facebook Advertising as they are the main reason why you will get clicks.

You only have a small piece of the screen to work with, so make it really count by sourcing great images that work in a small size. Your images should be sized to 110px wide by 80px high and they must be clear and relevant to your message and brand.

Use elements from your existing campaigns or get free or cheap stock images from a raft of website, just check Google.

Bright images of friendly, engaging faces always work if you get stuck.

5. Bid and Test To Find The Sweet Spot

Facebook Ads require that you bid on the space to get your ad displayed. In order to get the best value out of this process and keep your costs down, you should test several versions of your ad amongst different demographics and likes and interests. You should also test different headlines and images.

Facebook display your ad more if it gets a high rate of clicks from users, and in turn you get the cost of each click at a cheaper rate.

When you launch your ads make sure you watch them closely to ensure they are performing well. If they do not receive many clicks, even after they have been displayed over 1,000 times across Facebook, then it is probably time to pause those ads and give life to one of your other ads.

Remember you are in charge of your overall daily or campaign budget, so ensure you set these first so you don’t overspend.

Familiarise yourself with the Facebook Ad Manager, which is where you conduct all the production, placement, bidding and optimisation of your Ads. Press the green Create An Ad button to get started.

If this all seems too daunting, either watch my free video on getting started here, get a coaching session here, or find out more about my Done For You Campaigns here. I’d love to hear your questions on my Facebook Page, too.

Good Luck!



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How Much To Test Facebook Ads?

Newbie or not, you are going to need to test new ads regularly to find the sweet spot where you get lots of cheap, targeted clicks.

Ideally, you would want to set up at least 5 versions of your ad. It depends on your appetite for confusion, because you can certainly load up a whole lot more than this, but I think clean and simple is best initially until you get a lot more comfortable. Less ads also means less money spent testing.

Examples of what you can test for include Images, Headlines, Call To Action, Sex, Age and Likes and Interests. The other important test could be sending them to either your Facebook Page or Website.

To minimise the amount of ads you need to set up, you should be really clear from the outset on your key elements to avoid wasting money. The following are my 6 must-haves:

1. Clear, relevant and eye-catching image sized at 110 pixels wide by 80 pixels high.

2. Well crafted Call To Action – “Click here for our free video training”, “Get all the latest insider updates when you Like our Page” are examples of a clear call to action.

3. Have at least 5,000 targeted users, and no more than 120,000.  I like to use this as a yardstick for my ads, just to ensure I’m not trying to be all things to all people, but it really is dependent on the product or service you are promoting.

4. Do not enter a campaign budget of more than $30 for each ad. It’s got to be enough to give it a run, but not too much that you dent your marketing budget and don’t have enough left to run the ad that gets the most traction.

5. Launch the ad in optimum Facebook Eyeballing Time, and this must be tailored to specific target timezones. This will vary between product and audience, and you can get even more targeted here, but at least avoid the middle of the night.

6. Watch them closely when they are launched to see which ones are running well, and which need to be dumped. You can only really see this once you get at least 1,000 impressions.

Once, you’ve found your star performers based on CTR and Impressions, then let those run and pause the rest. You should see some great results for your campaign.

If all this sounds just too hard, then you can always get me to either help you set up your own campaigns via One on One Coaching, or get me to do it for you with my Done For You Campaign Management service.

Whatever you decide, don’t skip this vital step to creating top performing Facebook Ads.

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What I Know For Sure About Facebook Ads

There’s always a whole lot of discussion going on about whether Social Media is worthwhile, and when the demise of Facebook is coming, particularly with the launch of Google +.

I’ve got to admit, I have been playing around on Google +, and I am enjoying the cut-through and simplicity of it from a social and business networking perspective.

It is clearly popular amongst “Early-Adopters” and the Online Marketing community, but it still has a way to go before it proves itself to have the power of Facebook as a platform, especially for business.

That’s not to say it won’t provide opportunities for us as marketers, but it is still very much the New Kid On The Block.

Lewis Howes, who is the Go To Guy for LinkedIn, wants me to do some Facebook Ads for him and I told him that I’d love to help him build his online audience.

As we set about developing the right strategy, he threw out a challenge, or a legitimate question.  Or maybe it was both.

He wanted to know whether he should invest further in Facebook since he is seeing a decline in engagement on his Page since Google +.

After I pondered his question for about 1 second, I could barely contain my desire to share with Lewis exactly what I know for sure about Facebook, and why Facebook Ads are still of enormous value to his brand.

1. Facebook Ads Offer Unrivalled Targeting Potential
Would you prefer to target people searching for a Yoga Classes on Google? Or would you rather target Women Aged 25-40 living in Manhattan, who wear lululemon athetica, have read Eat Pray Love and are inspired by the Dalai Lama with Facebook Ads?

2. Pictures Tell Your Story Better Than Words
A Facebook Ad can ride on the success of a well selected image alone. The image also shows off your brand personality so much more than text alone.

3. An Integrated Approach To Rival The Whole Internet
Connecting with authenticity and value could not be easier once you catch their awareness with a Facebook Ad, bring them over to your Page, capture their email, and then start a meaningful and lasting dialogue that leads to more sales over time. This is not possible as quickly and as scalable anywhere else online.

So, after I’d pointed all that out to Lewis, he was ready to push the button on his new Facebook Ad campaign. Not surprising really…

If you want to tap into the power of Facebook Ads, sign up for my free video training here, or ask me about how I can manage your campaigns by clicking here.

Interested in tapping into the potential of LinkedIn with Lewis? Check him out here.