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Using The New Power Editor To Create A Facebook Ad

In this walkthrough, I’m sharing how to use the new Power Editor interface to create a Facebook Ad driving traffic to your website or landing page.

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Create A Custom Audience From Your Email List

Here’s a run-through of how to upload your email lists into your Facebook ads account as a Custom Audience so that you can target them in your campaigns.

Once you have them uploaded as a Custom Audience you can also create Lookalike Custom Audiences where Facebook will find more people like your people, which is very cool.

If you haven’t used Custom Audiences yet, now is the time!

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Video Facebook Ads

You’ve been able to turn your videos in to Facebook Ads for some time now, but many are failing to take Facebook up on this massive opportunity.

The advantages of video ads are that they are highly engaging, cheaper than regular ads (they get much higher click-throughs) and are a great tool to drive awareness of your offer.

Now Facebook have added a new feature that really impacts the conversion of your video ads, with the opportunity for a clickable link and call to action displayed at the end of your video.

Watch this video and find out how you can get started:


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Target Fans & Friends Of Fans With Facebook Ads

Is it really worth building up your Page Likes on Facebook anymore?

With all the talk of declining Facebook Page engagement, the fact is that space in your client’s newsfeed has never been more competitive.

This isn’t going to change any time soon, and if anything, it will only get worse as more and more businesses jump on the Facebook Ads train.

So what to do with all those Facebook Page Likes you have already built up? Or do you even bother growing them?

Facebook Page Likes are still important for authority in your market (lots of Page Likes generally equal more credibility), and Facebook is like  secondary interwebs now where people are searching for information about you and your business, so it’s always worthwhile to have a strong presence.

Even if your reach is declining, your posts still will reach your Facebook Fans and the more engaging they are, the more of those fans you will reach. So don’t give up, but do get smart.

If you already have Facebook Fans you can make sure they see all your posts and offers by targeting them specifically with Facebook Ads. The advantage of this is that you get higher engagement on these ads which means lower cost and bigger reach. You also get the opportunity to target Friends Of Fans – people like your people.

Watch this video to see more:


The heart of this issue is that you want as many of your fans on your email list so you can contact them at any time, and if you don’t already have a good number of Page Likes, they are worth building up as they are going to be a source of warmer leads for your business.

The best ways to grow your Page Likes is by creating interesting, relevant and engaging content for your Facebook Page and running Facebook Ad campaigns. But regular Facebook Ad campaigns are fine to grow Likes – you don’t have to run Page Like Ads specifically as Newsfeed Ads can still grow Likes as well as website visitors.

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New Facebook Right Hand Side Ads

If you’ve only been focused on Newsfeed Ads, it’s time to take another look at good ol’ Right Hand Side Ads.

Facebook have just changed the size of those traditional ads that display on the Right Hand Side of the Facebook Home Feed on Desktop computers.

These Facebook Ads generally have a lower Click Through Rate (CTR), but Facebook will show them more than Newsfeed Ads as there is way more display inventory.

The good news is, that as these new sized ads are being phased in, you get the opportunity to stand out even more as less advertisers are set up to take advantage of them.

There are a couple of key points you need to know in order to get your ads displaying even bigger on the Right Hand Side of Facebook, and that is that your Image Size now needs to be 254×133, but the same image you used to use for Newsfeed & Mobile Ads will be scaled to fit and your images must NOT contain more than 20% text, just as has always been applied to Newsfeed and Mobile ad images.

The other thing to remember is that so far, you cannot select a Call To Action Button to display on the new Right Hand Side format, but this may change.

Take a look at this video walkthrough I created which also shows the results of a few campaigns I have run already in the new format.


I’ll be showing more details on how you can take advantage of this and a couple of other Facebook Ad changes on my latest webinar. Want to join me (it’s FREE)? Just click here to register.

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Storybook Facebook Ads

It’s always a fine line creating a Facebook Newsfeed Ad that is both engaging and high-converting at the same time. and this really is the key to cutting through the noise on Facebook and getting people to take action on your offer.

Take a look at this technique I’ve been using that is consistently getting better results than ads with a stronger call to action and obvious link.

Press Play and apply it for your latest offer.


Questions? Need my help to set up your Facebook campaigns? Reach out here so we can chat.

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Want To Try Facebook Retargeting?

Facebook now gives you the opportunity to show ads to those who have visited your website, or landing page with their Retargeting feature in Power Editor.
This gives you the opportunity to revisit your Facebook Ad traffic, which is particularly useful if they didn’t buy the first time.
Take a look at this video from my Facebook Ads training for coaches and consultants and start using this powerful feature:


If you’re a coach or consultant and you’d like to know more about attracting more clients using Facebook Ads, I go even more in depth in my latest training. Click here to see how you could double your leads with Facebook Ads.

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NEW: Call To Action Buttons In Facebook Ads

Sick of relying on links in your Newsfeed Ads to get your audience to your offer?

Facebook have added a new feature in there ever-complex Power Editor to try and combat this problem, now giving users the opportunity to add a call to action button IN their ads.

You now have the choice of adding Shop Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Book More & Download to your Page Post Newsfeed Ads, only when you create them in Power Editor and only when they link to a webpage.

Watch this quick video and see how to set your own up today.


I’ve been testing and haven’t seen a massive increase in conversions compared to using Facebook link ads without a new Call To Action Button, but this may be because they are quite new and Facebook Users are just getting used to them.

Regardless, they are definitely worth a try.

Call To Action Posts

Here is what they look like in your newsfeed:

Call To Action Button

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With A rise in the use of Promoted Posts and Page Post Ads, these Facebook promotional tools are showing up in the news feeds of Facebook users who may not yet know you, have not yet liked your Page, and have not exactly raised their hand to hear from you, and this can create some backlash.

A popular reaction to unsolicited posts in their newsfeed is for users to post a less than favorable comment on the post, which can compromise the initial intention of your post. Often these negative comments are harmless, but sometimes they can be downright offensive and are definitely not what you want associated with your Facebook Page. When marketing your Facebook Page, you need to remain vigilant and keep an eye out for these comments and remove them as soon as possible.

This may not always be an option, so there is a handy tool in Page Settings that you can use to limit profanity posting on your Page.

Firstly, head to the Admin Panel at the top of the Facebook Page you manage. Secondly, select Edit Page, and then scroll down to Moderation. There are a few options you can choose here to ensure that whenever someone posts on your page with any profanity, their post is immediately hidden as spam.

I suggest you add colourful words to the Moderation Blocklist panel. Have fun with this as you recall every word you were forbidden saying as a child! You may also get some ideas from some less than friendly posts you have already received. Then, just tick the strong option for the profanity blocklist to ensure you are safeguarded in future.

Moderation Blocklist Image

You may still receive some less than complimentary posts, but don’t forget you still have the option to Delete and Block these users directly from their posts. Just click on the top right of the posts and select either Hide their comment (where nobody but them will see their comment), or just delete and ban the user if it is a particularly nasty one.

It seems that the unreasonableness of these comments and the personal attacks is on the rise as users get more an more defensive of their newsfeeds. It would be great if they could remember that us advertisers are the reason they get to enjoy their newsfeeds free, but as you know, you can’t please everyone.

Targeted Page Post Ads are still a highly effective marketing opportunity on Facebook, and you shouldn’t abandon them just because of a few silly and unnecessary comments.  When done right they are just as targeted as regular Facebook Ads, yet they attract a way better rate of engagement, drive Page Likes and are generally much cheaper.

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