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The Facebook FREE-Myth

Successfully launching a new store, product, service or event is no easy task. Getting the word out and connecting to the people most likely to buy your stuff takes a special kind of know-how and intuition, not to mention the smarts to figure out the right offer in the first place.

New business owners are most interested in using Facebook to launch and grow their ventures because it’s essentially free. Now there’s not many things in business or life for that matter that are free, but Facebook is one of them. Well, that is for the most part. You can choose the “free way” and never pay a cent to market your business on Facebook, but it is likely that you will have less than 5,000 fans and never reach the dizzying heights you could if you just invested… even a little bit helps.

A year ago, Facebook told us there were 42 million Facebook Pages, yep that’s right 42 million! So a year on, if the growth in my business is any indication, it would be much higher and the fact remains that many Pages stay largely dormant, just waiting to burst in to the newsfeeds of potential customers.

So, if you’re guilty of only thinking about a free Facebook marketing strategy, it’s time to step up and use paid advertising options. Here are my Top 3 Recommendations for launching your business on Facebook:

1. Invite Your Facebook Friends To Like Your Page

You need at least 100 Page Likes in order to use powerful features like Facebook Offers (think of Daily Deals for Facebook) which can be great for promoting opening specials and discounts. Just check the box at the bottom right of your Admin Panel, and it gives you the option to easily invite your friends to Like your Page and get your initial count up. Newcomers will also be more likely to click the Like button when they see that a few people have already done the same before them.

2.  Build A Community & Sales Flow On Facebook

Don’t just pay to collect Likes on your Facebook Page, make sure you are laying the foundation for a community of advocates for your brand that are happy to discuss, share and inadvertently promote for you. They will come to your page to experience you and what you are selling, and if you do it right you will hear their praise and positive feedback too.

Post on your Page daily and make sure you include questions, images, fun facts and sales messages on equal rotation. Be there to answer and Like replies, and make sure you respond to any Page messages you receive (make sure you turn on the Message feature on your Page – you’ll find it in Edit Page).

Many brands forget that their Facebook Page is as important as their website, so set it up to make it easy for visitors to BUY! Set up a Facebook App on your Page so that you can add web content to your Page and collect email addresses and registrations  to help people hear more from you and purchase.

3. Use New features Like Lookalike Audiences

So, of course the next logical step is to start paying for Facebook Ads, and Facebook Offers and Promoted Posts are a great idea once you hit 100 Likes, but you can get started right away if you already have built or have access to an email list of existing and potential customers. In the more advanced Power Editor, you can now upload the csv file of your customer lists and request that Facebook target users just like those you already have on your list with your Facebook Ads. This is a very powerful way to get your offer in front of a very targeted audience, especially if you don;t have many competitor pages to target because your brand is unique.


So, although there are some great ways to capitalise on the free elements of Facebook, you will fast-track your success when launching your business with these really cost-effective paid marketing methods. Once you invest upfront, you will reap the rewards.

If you need some help getting these strategies working for your business, my coaching sessions can make a difference. After just an hour, you will have the direction and steps you need to move forward and get real results. Click here to find out more.

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James Schramko Podcast

James Schramko is one of my mentors and a highly respected online marketer. He is such an awesome guy, and I was lucky enough to be featured as a guest on his successful podcast sharing my insights into getting the most of  your Facebook marketing.

Listen to the recording here.
You’ll discover how I upgraded James’ Page to improve his Facebook Marketing efforts and drive opt ins. You can  see the Custom Tab we created for him on his Facebook Page. This is a great example of providing great value for your existing and potential fans all while building your list with Facebook Ads.
If your Facebook Page needs an upgrade, we will create a fully branded solution and email capture tab for your page that grows your list and your likes all while improving your Facebook Ad Conversions. If you want to know more, take a look here.

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Promoting Your Next Webinar On Facebook

Webinars are becoming a much more common tool to drive sales in both online and offline businesses. It gives you a great opportunity to share some of your valuable information with a targeted audience of new and existing customers all over the world.

They can be lots of fun, but they can also be a little anxiety-inducing, especially if you’re short on attendees. You want to make the webinar a worthwhile event and reach as many potential clients as possible, and that’s why Facebook is the perfect tool to increase your attendees. In promoting your next webinar, there are a few Facebook fundamentals you want to have in place to boost your sign ups.

Firstly, create a registration landing page, preferably as a Custom Tab on your Facebook Page. This should be simple and clear and should highlight the key takeaway atttendees will get from the webinar as well as where they need to enter their details to register.

Here is an example of a Facebook Custom Tab we created for one of my clients, Dr Sara Gottfried, to promote her upcoming webinar that shows women how to overcome their hormones imbalances and feel more vital.

sara gottfried

Setting up the tab is the first step you need to put in place, and the second step in your Facebook Marketing Plan is to create some Facebook Ads to reach a targeted audience of those most eager to hear your message.

The best type of ad to promote your webinar is a standard marketplace ad with an image, headline and copy communicating the key benefit of attending, and one that connects with the message on the Custom Tab. This gives the best possible chance of conversions as Page Post Ads can require an extra step that can impact conversions.

Here is the best performing ad of the campaign so far. We have targeted Mature Women who have Likes and Interests on Facebook that include Dr Oz, OWN Network and Dr Christiane Northrup:

Top Performer

Without the very important layer of Facebook Marketing, your webinar could be missing out on reaching a much wider, targeted audience, especially while you’re still growing your email list. I hope that this quick case study provides you with some food for thought on how to use Facebook to boost your webinar registrations. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below or over on my Facebook Page.

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Adding A Custom App To Your Facebook Page

Using Custom Apps to pull a webpage into your Facebook Page is one of the easiest ways to create landing pages for your ads.

In this new video, I show you how to do it for FREE!

Click to watch and make sure you leave a link to your own Custom App below. I’d love to see what you’ve been creating!

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Make Your Facebook Ad Landing Page Work For You

An effective landing page is critical to the success of your Facebook Ads campaign, but it’s really hard to know what to include to get great results and achieve your campaign goals.

There is one consistent element you should include on your Facebook Ad Landing Pages and I have demonstrated it across these three examples. Can you guess what it is?




I know you don’t have to be Einstein to figure it out, but you simply MUST give your visitors a compelling reason to connect with you!

Whether it is a free report, a video series, a giveaway or the chance to win something great, you must provide FREE value to kick off a promising new relationship with your prospects. This will set you and your prospect up for a positive and engaging relationship that will lead to more sales in the long run.

By offering something of value first, rather than trying to sell straight away, you will be in keeping with the spirit of Facebook which is all about staying connected rather than making a “hit and run” sale. By building on this connection you lay the foundation for more sales in the long run and this is the where the value is in Facebook Ad campaigns.

If Likes are your objective, then make sure you ask for the Like or have a “Like Gate” where visitors must first Like your Page before they get access to your free offer. It is always better to keep your landing page on Facebook as your Ads will generally be cheaper and you have the chance to get the Like too.

Landing Pages coupled with great targeting are the keys to Facebook Ad success, so if you want a cheap and easy resource for creating fuss-free Facebook Landing Pages? Take a look at and grab your free Facebook tab, you won’t look back!

What do you think makes a Landing Page successful? Let me know in the comments below.


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Keeping One Step Ahead Of Timeline – What You Need To Know

Like it or not, your Facebook Page is now in Timeline format, and you’ve probably been feeling like a fish out of water since you changed over.

Aside from getting across all the image dimensions to make your Page pop, you also have to be across how the changes affect your Ad performance.

Ad Click Through Rates and Facebook Landing Page conversions have been affected, and I wanted to highlight some of these impacts so you can maximise your ad spend and avoid any pitfalls.

Image Is More Important Than Ever

Facebook Ads now have to compete with bigger images and more of them on the new visually-rich Timeline format. That means that image selection is even more critical to the success of your Ads.

Select images that stand out on the grey blue background as well as the white background, and think about using brighter images with more emotion and expression. Logos and images that feature text are performing better as these contrast with the new format.

Check out a couple of examples below:



Engagement Rates Have Gone Down

It seems that over the past couple of weeks engagement rates are down slightly, based on my testing. This could be due to user distraction with the newness of the format (we saw this with the last major change to Facebook Pages), but I think the Like button gets a little lost amongst the new App Covers and Images sitting under the Timeline cover image.

Think about adding some text to your new App Images to prompt the Like. Photo Guidelines do not permit asking for the Like on your Timeline Cover, so see how creatively you can use one of the four boxes below the cover to attract Likes and Leads.

If you’re sending traffic directly to a Custom App/Tab with your ads, then you still need to add a strong call to action to prompt the Like, or think about a reveal tab if increasing Likes are your primary campaign objective.

Sending Ads To Timeline

Although my recommendation has always been to avoid sending Facebook Ads to the old Facebook Wall, the new dynamic Timeline is a different proposition.

Sending your ads to your new Timeline Page is a more appealing option with the addition of Facebook Apps & Views and Pinned Posts. These options allow you to highlight sign-up pages, events, promotions and other website links directly from Timeline.

My testing so far has shown this to be more successful than what sending ads to a Wall used to be, but users seem to be overwhelmed with options on the new Timeline or they’re still just getting used to it to really see this as a major success strategy. This may change as everyone gets used to the “lay of the land”.

As always, you need to test your products and services to see how the changes affect your campaign results.

Want to look over my shoulder and see how I create winning Facebook Ad strategies? I’ll help take your Facebook marketing up a notch or two, and give you my no-nonsense optimization strategies for your current campaigns.

Click here to get on board!


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New Facebook Ad Messages Land More Customers On Your Page

Despite the removal of default landing tabs for visitors to your Facebook Page, you still have the option to send customers directly to your existing Custom Tab.

Take a look at this quick video about Facebook Ad Messages, the newest way to highlight your Custom Tabs and Timeline Page Content.

If you’re ready to make the most of the latest Facebook Changes, I will show you exactly how to transition and optimize your Page and Ads on a free webinar THIS Tuesday March 20 at 7pm (US EST).

Nathan Latka from will also be joining me to show off some easy ways to create your new Timeline Page and get noticed by your customers, so don’t miss out on the fun. Given I’m working with the webinar technology, I can’t guarantee a replay so it’s best to make it LIVE>

Click here to register now:

PS. Spaces are filling fast for my next round of hands-on Facebook Ads training, check it out here if you want to learn all you need to know about Facebook Ads!

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How Are You Going With All The Facebook Changes?

I know it can seem like so much to take in when Facebook makes a big change, like they did on February 29!

I have been in the US this past week for Yanik Silver’s Underground Online Seminar in Washington DC, as well as a session with Fabienne Frederickson in NYC, so I have had plenty of opportunity to see what people think of the new changes. Overwhelmingly, it seems most people are positive and I am too.

Some quick tips you need to know right now are:

  • You have until March 31 to upgrade your Facebook Page to the new Timeline for Pages format
  • You can also update your Page now to Timeline and in order to make the most of it, you should upload a new Cover Photo Image (this is 851w x 315h) and ideally it will feature an image that represents your brand
  • Your smaller Profile Picture is 180×180 and should feature a logo or your website address
  • Your Custom Tab still displays, but you cannot direct new Likers to them anymore. Everyone will access your Tab either direct from your Timeline (it is in a feature box below the Cover Photo), or direct from Ads. Make sure you add a new image to your App so this displays on your Timeline. This can be done by clicking on the App in Edit Page and uploading an image 111w x 74h – add a great call to action too as this is great exposure
  • You can Pin Page Posts to the top of your Timeline for a maximum of 7 days (just click on the pencil icon on the top right and select Pin to Page to highlight a post with a link to your Custom Tab or an opt-in page on your website)

There are plenty more ways to take advantage of the new changes, especially using Facebook Ads. Stay tuned because I will be sending out details of a webinar I will be hosting next week that will run through all the changes in detail and how you can make the most of them!

In the meantime, if you missed joining my Facebook Ads Group Coaching program in February, the good news is it is on again in March. Just click here to find out more and register. I had some great feedback from the first group, and I just know you can get some great results with your Facebook Ad campaigns too.

Got questions? Let me know what’s got you stuck here.

My New Timeline Cover Image
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Are You Paying Too Much For Facebook Likes?

It’s great to build Likes with Facebook Ads as they can grow your fan base much faster than you can do alone.

But how much are your Likes costing you, and how do you know if you’re paying too much?

The amount you pay for a Like from Facebook Ads can vary, and is influenced by how effective your ads are (better ads get cheaper clicks), and whether or not you have a Welcome Tab set up on your Page (to prompt for the Like).

According to this handy infographic from the guys at Flowtown, the cost of a Like varies for each industry, with the most expensive being $1.27 for Healthcare and the cheapest being 31c for e-Commerce.

Although, it’s handy to have an industry breakdown, without the definitions of what fits in to each category you may still be a little baffled.

The important thing to takeaway from this study is the variance itself. If the average cost of your Likes are falling within this range, regardless of your industry or niche, then you’re doing pretty well.

I find the average cost per like sits mostly sits around 95c, with some exceptions. And yes, this is more expensive than what you could pay for Bulk Likes from faceless masses, but the aim of your Facebook Page is to foster a community of targeted buyers, so a posse of fake Likers would be a little bit stupid, especially because they don’t buy anything!


If you want to get your Cost Per Like even lower, try these tips:

1. Ask for the Like in your ad copy with phrases like “Click Like below to find out more”

2. Make your ad targeting as laser-focused as possible, DO NOT use broad category targeting!

3. Actively engage with your audience on your Facebook Page so that they Like and Share your content which will lead to more free Likes.

As you know, I put a higher value on obtaining email addresses over Likes, so don’t forget to collect emails on your Custom Tab too.

If you have any questions about getting more Likes, come and post them on my Facebook Page (and don’t forget to Like it while you’re there :)).


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Best Ever Facebook Ad Destinations

Not sure where to send people who click on your Facebook Ads?

Click play to find out where you should be pointing your ads and how to set it up right from the start:

By the way, if you want more specific training like this on Facebook Ads, you should grab your last chance to register for my brand new training.

It will get you using Facebook Ads like a pro in no time, even if you’ve never used them before!

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