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Important! New Update To Facebook Ads Is Now Live

It’s now easier to create Facebook Ads from scratch with brand new Ads Creator released by Facebook yesterday. And although it’s much easier to create an ad, you need to know about the change that radically affects how much you pay, and I’ll tell you what it is in this quick video.

Click below to find out why you need to be careful which option you choose to avoid paying too much:

You can’t choose CPM (Cost Per Impression/Display) for your Facebook Ads if you’re sending your clicks off Facebook.

This isn’t a major issue in my opinion, as I always recommend bidding CPC (Cost Per Click) anyway. But make sure you pick the right objective so you don’t inadvertently select CPM for your Ads to Facebook objects.

Got questions? Stop by My Facebook Page and ask them! I’d love to help you out.

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Make Facebook Think You’re A Big Spender

Top Facebook Ad Tip #1

Raise your campaign budget to fool Facebook into giving you more impressions straight up. This way, your Facebook Ad has the best chance of being seen and clicked on, because the more clicks you get, especially within the first couple of hours, the cheaper they will be.

As I have said before, Facebook rewards popular ads with cheaper clicks.

I see many people with Ad Budgets of $10 or $20 a day, but that WILL NOT get you the best results. Facebook is worried that it will overspend your budget, so it just doesn’t give you any impressions (in other words, it holds back on showing your Ads!), and that means you have less chance of getting a higher Click Through Rate.

My testing has also proved that when you nominate a higher Campaign Budget, Facebook approves your ad faster. Not all the time, but often.

So, start nominating Campaign Budgets of at least $50 a day, but preferably you should be selecting an amount of at least $200 a day. Remember you can just run the ad for a couple of hours up to your “real” budget, without spending the entire amount you have nominated. You can also just run the ad for a day to test it.

Once the ad starts getting a good Click Through Rate you can then start pulling down your daily budget, if necessary.

You will get better results this way.

WARNING: Keep an eye on your spend once the ad starts as you may have to make the daily budget higher than a level that you’re comfortable with. You will not have to spend the daily budget you nominate, as long as you monitor the ad and make sure you stay within your “real” budget.




You’ve got less than a week before your Facebook Page flips over to the new Timeline format THIS FRIDAY!

This new format will radically change the way you market your business on Facebook, and I want to make sure you have all you need to make the most of the change.

Rosh Khan is a super smart Facebook Marketing Genius who has created the ultimate guide to setting up your new Facebook Page Timeline. It contains everything you need to get up and running by D-Day, March 30.

Rosh creates some of the best strategies for companies like Starbucks, Ford and Clickbank and he’s going to share them with you. Not only that,  he is a great guy who knows SO much about Facebook marketing and is committed to creating great value for you.

Take a look at his Timeline guide by clicking here.

What’s holding you back on Facebook right now?  Let me know at, I’d love to hear from you!


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Are You Paying Too Much For Facebook Likes?

It’s great to build Likes with Facebook Ads as they can grow your fan base much faster than you can do alone.

But how much are your Likes costing you, and how do you know if you’re paying too much?

The amount you pay for a Like from Facebook Ads can vary, and is influenced by how effective your ads are (better ads get cheaper clicks), and whether or not you have a Welcome Tab set up on your Page (to prompt for the Like).

According to this handy infographic from the guys at Flowtown, the cost of a Like varies for each industry, with the most expensive being $1.27 for Healthcare and the cheapest being 31c for e-Commerce.

Although, it’s handy to have an industry breakdown, without the definitions of what fits in to each category you may still be a little baffled.

The important thing to takeaway from this study is the variance itself. If the average cost of your Likes are falling within this range, regardless of your industry or niche, then you’re doing pretty well.

I find the average cost per like sits mostly sits around 95c, with some exceptions. And yes, this is more expensive than what you could pay for Bulk Likes from faceless masses, but the aim of your Facebook Page is to foster a community of targeted buyers, so a posse of fake Likers would be a little bit stupid, especially because they don’t buy anything!


If you want to get your Cost Per Like even lower, try these tips:

1. Ask for the Like in your ad copy with phrases like “Click Like below to find out more”

2. Make your ad targeting as laser-focused as possible, DO NOT use broad category targeting!

3. Actively engage with your audience on your Facebook Page so that they Like and Share your content which will lead to more free Likes.

As you know, I put a higher value on obtaining email addresses over Likes, so don’t forget to collect emails on your Custom Tab too.

If you have any questions about getting more Likes, come and post them on my Facebook Page (and don’t forget to Like it while you’re there :)).


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Pay Less For Your Facebook Ads

One the many benefits of Facebook Ads are that they are cheaper than other forms of paid advertising, especially Press, Radio and TV. You can build an audience for your brand on the world’s most active and engaged social networks in a month for less than the cost of one Press Ad.

Because Facebook Ads are like the eBay of the advertising world, and market demand and competition dictate what you pay, there are a couple of savvy ways you can use market forces to get better value for your dollar.

Firstly, pay attention to how the Broad Interest Targeting and Precise Interest Targeting you use affects the Suggested Bid. Select a few interests, then add and subtract to determine which ones are cheaper. Obviously, you still need to make sure the interests represent your audience, but you can really bring down the bid price by playing around with your targeting this way.

Some advertisers do less research about their audience than you would, which means there are some great interests you could target that are less obvious and therefore cheaper.

Run your ads on weekdays rather than weekends because there is generally less competition and prices should be lower. If you check prices daily, you may also find other pockets of low prices as demand fluctuates. If you have some ads paused ready to go, you can be nimble enough to take advantage of cheaper ad prices as they arise.

So, take action on your next campaign and start researching Facebook Pages, books, movies and online communities that are most likely to appeal to your target market, but may be less known. You can use Google, Facebook Search and Amazon as great starting points to understand the brands your target market has an affinity with, and then use this information for Precise Interest Targeting.

Don’t forget you can also set your daily ads budget to ensure you don’t overspend, and that you are always in control.

If you need more advice and tips on your Facebook Ads, you can book a coaching session with me, where you get 30 minutes for $150 and learn the basics to get better value from your Facebook Ads.