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This Week’s Facebook Ad Insights

With my nose in so many of my client’s and my own Facebook Advertising campaigns, I thought it may be valuable to share some ACTUAL findings with you.

The Facebook Ads landscape changes so fast, that what worked a month ago probably isn’t working today… or maybe even what you tried yesterday isn’t working today.

GRRRR, it can be SO frustrating!

OK, so here’s some REAL results that you can test that I know have achieved great results in the trenches.

Try them and see if they improve your campaign results:

Increase Your Budget & Monitor Closely

As competition on Facebook increases, it seems that Facebook is happy to reward you if you raise your hand and tell them you want to throw them some cash.

Now you don’t actually have to spend tons of cash, just act like you’re about to and then sit by and watch as your Cost Per Lead comes down.

Once Facebook start displaying your ads more, you’ll see more activity and interaction. And if your ads are constructed right, you should start to see the leads flow in.

So, create a daily budget of at least $500 (don’t worry, you don’t have to spend that), and sit by to watch how it starts to move. Once you start to see the results, either pause or change the daily budget to what you actually want to spend.

That way, Facebook will give you priority and serve your ads at a better price.

Shift Your Targeting

If you’re stuck trying the same old targeting, it’s likely that your competitors have cottoned on and are using the same ones you are.

Given that Facebook price their ads based on demand for displays to your audience, you are paying more than you need to.

So, start thinking creatively and find those pockets of targeting that are less obvious and less competitive.

This brought one of my ads down from a link click of $1.05 in the business coaching niche to $16c!

And the best part was that the leads we got were still great quality.

Go stalking some Facebook profiles and Google your area of expertise to find some new targets to test.

Pay Attention To The Time You Start Your Ads

Ensure your ads get the best possible start by launching them at peak times.

It’s best to split out your countries and test whether the peak of the morning or the peak of the evening influences how the ads run.

Often, people combine their target countries and launch the ads when they get round to it.

Not all of your perfect clients will be on Facebook when you press GO, so be strategic about when you kick them off to give them the best possible chance of success.

AND if you first try and it doesn’t fly, then try another time.

Don’t “flog a dead horse”, if it flops… scrap it and try again.

Facebook Ads can rarely be resurrected, they need to be reborn.

Want help running profitable Facebook Ad campaigns? Let me do an audit on your current campaign – completely FREE.

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NEW FACEBOOK TRAINING: Get In Front Of All Your Fans

I know Facebook can sometimes seem like low down, dirty, money-grabbing scoundrels. They change things all the time and it seems like they want to make it tough for businesses to be seen, but this time I have to come to their defence.

Even with the algorithm change in late September, you have never been able to reach all your Fan’s news feeds for free. It just has never been possible. In order to make sure they saw your messages, you have always needed to use Ads targeting your fans to get in front of 100%, and even then they would have to log on to see your ad.

Facebook is not an email marketing service. You get to show up in more of your Fans news feeds the more your fans like, interact with and share your content. This means it’s up to YOU not Facebook to get your stuff seen by more people.

Now before you go telling me how you don’t think it’s fair to pay, then there are options where you can increase your visibility for free. Just post more engaging and valuable content more often. Your audience will respond and Facebook will reward you by increasing the visibility of your posts.

If you get zero Likes, Comments or Shares on a post it means that your audience isn’t digging your content, you’re posting at the wrong time of the day or you’re not posting often enough, or users are hiding your posts from their feed. Make this mistake a few times, and Facebook will pull down your visibility, probably because your posts suck. So, post stuff that doesn’t suck to get seen more for free (by the way, I don’t know many other platforms that give you such a great FREE opportunity with access to 1 billion users globally, but go ahead and be mad with them if you want!).

If you want to increase the eyeballs on your content, grow your existing fan base and actually market your business, then I recommend using Facebook Advertising. I know, how dare I suggest that you pay to market your business! Nobody pays to market their business right? Wrong.

Investing in your marketing once you have a product or service to sell is not only smart, but essential. You wouldn’t open up a brand new store and just hope people come past, even if it is in a great location. You would advertise and promote it with a combination of free and paid advertising and publicity solutions. That is all Facebook is asking you to do too.

Rather than clutter users news feeds with boring posts from long-forgotten brands they have likes, Facebook is demanding that you stay relevant if you want the benefits of organic reach. But your overall impact on Facebook will be so much greater when you invest in some simple Facebook Page Marketing that includes Facebook Ads.

Want to know more about how to use Facebook Ads for as little as $10 a day to bring in more targeted leads and sales for your business? Check out my free video series at:

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Is Facebook Page Reach Really Declining?

With so much talk about Facebook changing their algorithm, and it becoming harder and harder to get your message into the newsfeeds of your fans, I thought I would do some investigating…

The discussion seems to have arisen since Facebook started to display below every post on your Page exactly how many people saw your post. This information was never highlighted previously, and really brings home how few people really see every post. It is worth noting that the highlighted number is ALL people who have seen the post including friends of fans, not just those who like your Page, so the actual number of real fans you are reaching is even lower than indicated.

As a Page Admin of numerous Pages I started my own detective work by checking Insights and drilling down in to the Page Reach section. The main metric I was analysing was Organic Reach, which is the number of people who have seen your Page, including those who have liked your Page and those who have not as this is the metric most likely to indicate an algorithm change.

I had to take in to account that there are several other influences on the reach of your Facebook Page Post, other than just the algorithm that Facebook uses to display it across the network. The 3 key influences on how many people see your Page Posts are:

1. How “Likeable” your content actually is.

The more engaging your posts are, the more they will be liked, commented and shared which increases just how many friends of your fans see your Page posts.

2. Whether you use an image, video or link in your post.

Posts that include more than just text get preference in newsfeeds as Facebook want their user’s newsfeeds to be more dynamic, as they know this increases interaction.

3. How connected your Fans are

The more friends your fans have, the more opportunity that when they interact with one of your posts more of their friends will see it. This is more likely if your Page targets a younger audience.

4. How often you post on your Page

The more frequently you post, the higher your reach will be as Facebook will serve up more of your posts to more of your fans when you get more regular interaction. This is the most important thing you can do to increase the Organic Reach of your Facebook Page.

On checking the sample of Page Insights to see if there was a common denominator, I also had to take into account the fact that some Pages were actively promoting their Pages using Facebook Ads and Promoted Posts, but this activity is separately definied in the graph above as the green line. It is still interesting to see if it influenced any of the trends in Organic Reach.

I did also look at the trend over the past few months, to establish the average organic reach of the Page.

So what were my findings?

Across 25 Facebook Pages, it seems that ALL the pages experienced a drop in organic reach in the first week of October for about a week, but most of the Pages recovered their reach in the past two weeks, and this was more noticeable over the past week.

It appears that Facebook did make a tweak to their algorithm that caused a drop in Organic Reach in late September/early October, and some of the Pages I checked seemed to have recovered from this drop, but others are still experiencing that decline in organic reach, but have offset it by using Promoted Posts or Facebook Ads.

It definitely seems that Facebook want users to know that paid promotion on Facebook is the best way to reach more people on your Facebook Page, and there’s nothing like a constant reminder with every post!

It makes sense that Facebook would make the shift to incentivise Paid Promotions, especially given their revenue drive since publicly listing. They are after all a business, and we need to get used to the impact of their monetization model. Facebook is a valuable way to get more clients and engage with your target audience, so like all things that deliver value there is usually a cost involved.

It’s interesting to note that of all the Pages I looked at, the ones that had been sampling Promoted Posts or using Facebook Ads showed major spikes in traffic across their Total Reach, and this definitely outweighed any drop from a suspected algorithm change.

Here is just one of the Pages that was using Promoted Posts, Page Post Ads and Regular Ads as part of their overall strategy. This was representative of what was happening on most Pages I looked at.


So, do me a favour and check your Page insights now and let me know in the comments below if you saw a drop in your Blue Line (Organic Reach) around the 5 October point too. To do this, go into your Page Insights and click on Reach at the top of your Insights and scroll down to the graph that looks like the one I posted above, don’t check the graph that shows on the Insights front page.

Can’t wait to see what else we can discover together!

What is Facebook’s response to all this? Check out the video below: