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Using The New Power Editor To Create A Facebook Ad

In this walkthrough, I’m sharing how to use the new Power Editor interface to create a Facebook Ad driving traffic to your website or landing page.

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NEW: Call To Action Buttons In Facebook Ads

Sick of relying on links in your Newsfeed Ads to get your audience to your offer?

Facebook have added a new feature in there ever-complex Power Editor to try and combat this problem, now giving users the opportunity to add a call to action button IN their ads.

You now have the choice of adding Shop Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Book More & Download to your Page Post Newsfeed Ads, only when you create them in Power Editor and only when they link to a webpage.

Watch this quick video and see how to set your own up today.


I’ve been testing and haven’t seen a massive increase in conversions compared to using Facebook link ads without a new Call To Action Button, but this may be because they are quite new and Facebook Users are just getting used to them.

Regardless, they are definitely worth a try.

Call To Action Posts

Here is what they look like in your newsfeed:

Call To Action Button

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NEW SUPER FEATURE: Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook recently announced the option to add Custom Audiences to your targeting for Facebook Ads. So what does that mean? It means you can upload a customer email or mobile phone list and target those users using Facebook Ads.

So why would you want to do this? Well firstly, you may have a way bigger email list than Facebook following, and with declining open rates this is a great opportunity to get more awareness of your products and services amongst your tribe. Those who already know you are a much warmer prospect than the brand new traffic that is acquired on Facebook, so they are more likely to drive up your Click Through Rates and buy your stuff.
Maybe you could also get access to a JV partner’s list in order for you to run ads to them and acquire them as your own customers. It’s way less intrusive than getting a JV to email your offer directly.

Even better news is that Facebook is rolling out testing of Lookalike audiences, and this will mean that once you upload a Custom Audience into your Facebook Power Editor, you can then select an option that will target people like those on your list. How cool is that? The possibilities with this feature are mindblowing. Stay tuned, as I bring you results of my testing in future blogs.

If you more specific detail on using the Custom Audiences feature, head over to my Guest Blog Post on Social Fresh.

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