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This Week’s Facebook Ad Insights

With my nose in so many of my client’s and my own Facebook Advertising campaigns, I thought it may be valuable to share some ACTUAL findings with you.

The Facebook Ads landscape changes so fast, that what worked a month ago probably isn’t working today… or maybe even what you tried yesterday isn’t working today.

GRRRR, it can be SO frustrating!

OK, so here’s some REAL results that you can test that I know have achieved great results in the trenches.

Try them and see if they improve your campaign results:

Increase Your Budget & Monitor Closely

As competition on Facebook increases, it seems that Facebook is happy to reward you if you raise your hand and tell them you want to throw them some cash.

Now you don’t actually have to spend tons of cash, just act like you’re about to and then sit by and watch as your Cost Per Lead comes down.

Once Facebook start displaying your ads more, you’ll see more activity and interaction. And if your ads are constructed right, you should start to see the leads flow in.

So, create a daily budget of at least $500 (don’t worry, you don’t have to spend that), and sit by to watch how it starts to move. Once you start to see the results, either pause or change the daily budget to what you actually want to spend.

That way, Facebook will give you priority and serve your ads at a better price.

Shift Your Targeting

If you’re stuck trying the same old targeting, it’s likely that your competitors have cottoned on and are using the same ones you are.

Given that Facebook price their ads based on demand for displays to your audience, you are paying more than you need to.

So, start thinking creatively and find those pockets of targeting that are less obvious and less competitive.

This brought one of my ads down from a link click of $1.05 in the business coaching niche to $16c!

And the best part was that the leads we got were still great quality.

Go stalking some Facebook profiles and Google your area of expertise to find some new targets to test.

Pay Attention To The Time You Start Your Ads

Ensure your ads get the best possible start by launching them at peak times.

It’s best to split out your countries and test whether the peak of the morning or the peak of the evening influences how the ads run.

Often, people combine their target countries and launch the ads when they get round to it.

Not all of your perfect clients will be on Facebook when you press GO, so be strategic about when you kick them off to give them the best possible chance of success.

AND if you first try and it doesn’t fly, then try another time.

Don’t “flog a dead horse”, if it flops… scrap it and try again.

Facebook Ads can rarely be resurrected, they need to be reborn.

Want help running profitable Facebook Ad campaigns? Let me do an audit on your current campaign – completely FREE.

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Create A Custom Audience From Your Email List

Here’s a run-through of how to upload your email lists into your Facebook ads account as a Custom Audience so that you can target them in your campaigns.

Once you have them uploaded as a Custom Audience you can also create Lookalike Custom Audiences where Facebook will find more people like your people, which is very cool.

If you haven’t used Custom Audiences yet, now is the time!

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Amy Reveals Latest Facebook Marketing Techniques For More Leads

I had the pleasure of hosting a free live Facebook training with my good friend, Amy Porterfield and I didn’t want you to miss out if you couldn’t make it.
Take some time to discover some of her great tips for increasing engagement with your Facebook Page fans, and if you listen to the end, there is a cool bonus for you.
Click Play below:

Facebook Marketing Secrets Revealed from Victoria Gibson on Vimeo.

When you get access to Amy’s revamped program Facebook Influence before 11pm Sunday 9 December (US PST) using this link only [CLICK HERE TO BUY] just email me with your receipt at and I will give you complete access to the my Sell More With Facebook Ads program – FREE. Check out the program, and everything you get by clicking here.

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Promoting Your Next Webinar On Facebook

Webinars are becoming a much more common tool to drive sales in both online and offline businesses. It gives you a great opportunity to share some of your valuable information with a targeted audience of new and existing customers all over the world.

They can be lots of fun, but they can also be a little anxiety-inducing, especially if you’re short on attendees. You want to make the webinar a worthwhile event and reach as many potential clients as possible, and that’s why Facebook is the perfect tool to increase your attendees. In promoting your next webinar, there are a few Facebook fundamentals you want to have in place to boost your sign ups.

Firstly, create a registration landing page, preferably as a Custom Tab on your Facebook Page. This should be simple and clear and should highlight the key takeaway atttendees will get from the webinar as well as where they need to enter their details to register.

Here is an example of a Facebook Custom Tab we created for one of my clients, Dr Sara Gottfried, to promote her upcoming webinar that shows women how to overcome their hormones imbalances and feel more vital.

sara gottfried

Setting up the tab is the first step you need to put in place, and the second step in your Facebook Marketing Plan is to create some Facebook Ads to reach a targeted audience of those most eager to hear your message.

The best type of ad to promote your webinar is a standard marketplace ad with an image, headline and copy communicating the key benefit of attending, and one that connects with the message on the Custom Tab. This gives the best possible chance of conversions as Page Post Ads can require an extra step that can impact conversions.

Here is the best performing ad of the campaign so far. We have targeted Mature Women who have Likes and Interests on Facebook that include Dr Oz, OWN Network and Dr Christiane Northrup:

Top Performer

Without the very important layer of Facebook Marketing, your webinar could be missing out on reaching a much wider, targeted audience, especially while you’re still growing your email list. I hope that this quick case study provides you with some food for thought on how to use Facebook to boost your webinar registrations. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below or over on my Facebook Page.

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Tips For Great Facebook Ad Images

Although outrageous and funny images can help get clicks, they do nothing to build your brand, and this is what creates lasting value on Facebook.

GE are sponsoring the Olympics, so it makes sense that in order to make the most of this investment they want to evoke feelings of sport, competition and winning at The Games. So, your images may be dictated by a special promotion, like this one:

Who is your target customer? What kind of images are relevant and attractive to them? Think about what makes your offer attractive, maybe it is the feeling it gives your customers, or perhaps you can source an image of your ideal customer type if you can’t afford to shoot your own images, just like this stock photo below:

You will also want to choose images that are aligned to what you are advertising or the copy of your ad. It doesn’t always have to be literal, but there is a reason why Lexus feature a car in their ad images!

If you have a product or service that is best showed off in bigger images, then you should think about using Page Post Ads instead. These allow you to use images sized up to 404×404, and although more and more are using these and they don’t stand out as much as they first did, they are still cheaper than the regular marketplace ads you find on the right hand side of your news feed. The image below stands out for obvious reasons, but it still remains relevant to the Photo Contest it is advertising.

A more considered approach to image selection will go a long way to creating better performing ads. Leave a comment below and describe your best performing ad image and why you think it worked. I’d love to hear all about it.

Stuck for what images to use in your Ads? Book in for a One On One Coaching Session with me and we’ll set you up with some great images and ideas to get you started with a successful campaign. Click here to book yours

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Adding A Custom App To Your Facebook Page

Using Custom Apps to pull a webpage into your Facebook Page is one of the easiest ways to create landing pages for your ads.

In this new video, I show you how to do it for FREE!

Click to watch and make sure you leave a link to your own Custom App below. I’d love to see what you’ve been creating!

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NEW FEATURE ALERT: Facebook Offers

I’ve been so excited since Facebook announced the Offers feature had arrived for Pages. This feature allows you to post offers and discounts to your Facebook Page in the form of a coupon that can be claimed by Facebook users (whether they Like your Page or not).

Offering “Daily Deals” on your Facebook Page requires some strategy, but this is a fantastic opportunity for businesses with a physical location (you can only access this feature if your Page is also a Facebook Place – that means you need to be able to Check In at the address listed on the Page).

I have had some great success already using this feature on some of my Client’s Pages, with one offer driving over 1,000 Likes on it’s first day on a Page with just 4,000 Likes.

I have used this as a case study in my presentation for the upcoming Advanced Facebook Ads online conference.

My presentation is in good company, with the likes of Amy Porterfield and Jay Baer also sharing some great content on getting sharp with Facebook Ads. Although all the content will be featured in the conference, I wanted to show you my slides so that you can see what’s possible with Facebook Offers.

I created my presentation using SlideRocket so you’ll notice it has a cool autoplay feature, but you can also just arrow forward at your own pace:

If you want to get schooled in all things Facebook Ads, so that you are ready to manage your own ads or those for your clients, you need to see my online training here.

So, take action now and check if this feature has been activated on your Facebook Page. If it has, think about the best way to use it for your business. Examples include “Get A Free Coffee”, “Free Gift With Any Purchase $25 or More”, “35% Off Sale Stock” or “Free 20 Minute Treatment”.

Not only will you get noticed by your current fans, you have the opportunity to reach thousands more people that haven’t even heard of you yet by virtue of their viral nature. Good luck!

Also, if you need the official word on Facebook Offers, you can find it here.


NEW FEATURE: How To Use Promoted Posts

Facebook keeps rolling out amazing new features designed to make it easier for businesses to market themselves on Facebook (and of course attract more people to advertise). The good news is the latest changes announced last week are free or cost very little to use.

Promoted Posts allow you to promote a specific Facebook Post to your Fans over a short time. It is basically an easy way to get more eyeballs on your message and is really designed for those people not yet using Facebook Ads.

In my latest video, I’ll step you through how to use this new feature. Just click on the video to play.

Keep in mind that Promoted Posts do not replace the effectiveness of Facebook Ads, but can be useful for those of you who are a little intimidated to create your own ads as they are super simple to set up.

Is it a revenue raiser? Absolutely, but worth testing to see if it ups your Facebook Page engagement.

Have you used Promoted Posts yet? Leave a comment below and let me know how they worked for you.

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How To Use The NEW Facebook Ads Creator

Yes, Facebook has been at it again and although I only just updated you with changes to the Ads Manager last month, they’ve gone and tweaked it again.

In this video I teach you what all the elements are and demonstrate how you could use them for your business.

Click on the video to discover all the new features:


I’ve tried the Page Post ads and they have been working quite well. What about you? What’s been working for you in the world of Facebook marketing this month? In the comments below, let me know.

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Make Your Facebook Ad Landing Page Work For You

An effective landing page is critical to the success of your Facebook Ads campaign, but it’s really hard to know what to include to get great results and achieve your campaign goals.

There is one consistent element you should include on your Facebook Ad Landing Pages and I have demonstrated it across these three examples. Can you guess what it is?




I know you don’t have to be Einstein to figure it out, but you simply MUST give your visitors a compelling reason to connect with you!

Whether it is a free report, a video series, a giveaway or the chance to win something great, you must provide FREE value to kick off a promising new relationship with your prospects. This will set you and your prospect up for a positive and engaging relationship that will lead to more sales in the long run.

By offering something of value first, rather than trying to sell straight away, you will be in keeping with the spirit of Facebook which is all about staying connected rather than making a “hit and run” sale. By building on this connection you lay the foundation for more sales in the long run and this is the where the value is in Facebook Ad campaigns.

If Likes are your objective, then make sure you ask for the Like or have a “Like Gate” where visitors must first Like your Page before they get access to your free offer. It is always better to keep your landing page on Facebook as your Ads will generally be cheaper and you have the chance to get the Like too.

Landing Pages coupled with great targeting are the keys to Facebook Ad success, so if you want a cheap and easy resource for creating fuss-free Facebook Landing Pages? Take a look at and grab your free Facebook tab, you won’t look back!

What do you think makes a Landing Page successful? Let me know in the comments below.