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5 Quick Facebook Ad Tips For Big Results

Borrow from the following 5 success tactics to skyrocket your next Facebook Ad campaign:

1. Be Conversational

If it suits your brand, use an engaging Facebook-style tone in your headline and copy.




2. Use A Stand Out Image

Bright colours and bold graphics can stand out amongst the many generic photo images used in other ads.




3. Promote A Contest

Use the power of a contest to attract more clicks and leads.




4. Keep It Short & Sweet

Tell your audience all about your product or service in a clear and concise way that tells them exactly what to expect.




5. Include A Call To Action

Don’t forget to tell the audience what you want them to do in order to see more.


What’s your best tip for Facebook Ad success? Let me know in the comments below.
Bonus! Here’s a recording of the discussion I had with SEO Expert, Peter Drew this week about how to get started using Facebook Ads. I hope you find it valuable. Just click on the link to listen and share it with your friends if you like it.

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The 5 Inescapable Truths About Marketing On Facebook

Want Facebook to work harder for your business? I’ve found that your marketing efforts deliver BIG dividends when you pay attention to the following 5 Truths:

1. Stay Current

As we know, Facebook changes constantly. They are always working to increase activity and engagement, and never more than in the year of their IPO.

This means change is inevitable, but you must use it to your advantage.

Set yourself apart from the competition and maximize your marketing budget by staying in the loop with Facebook changes. You can find new ways to get seen, and it’s easy enough to do when you connect with the right sources.

I recommend the following resources to stay up to date with Facebook changes:

Facebook Marketing Solutions

Amy Porterfield

Mari Smith



2. Be Relevant 

The intention of your Facebook Page should be to deliver real value to your target audience. Discover what represents value to your market, and set about providing it.

This will require some trial and error, but by checking your Page Insights regularly, you can find out what your audience wants to hear more about as well as get a better picture of who your customers are in the Demographics section.

Create a profile in your mind of one single customer that represents your target market, think of that one person in all your Facebook posts and ad copy as this will speak to your market so much more than trying to be all things to all people.

Some great examples of knowing your market and staying relevant can be seen at:

Mamamia – A Lifestyle Resource For Busy Mums 

The Dash Community – Social Media Expert for Small Business, Laura Roeder shares her tips and info


3. Remain Authentic

Don’t fall into the trap of copying the strategies of your competitors or just posting “stiff” messages on your Page.

Your customers are on Facebook for entertainment and to connect with their friends and businesses they care about, so let them in while still staying true to your brand. This also fosters connection and creates the perfect relationship for future exchanges (that means they’re more likely to buy your stuff!).

I love the authenticity and personality of these women:

Marie Forleo  (Also, check out the brand new launch video for her brilliant online marketing training by clicking here )

Danielle LaPorte


4. Frequency Is Everything

Facebook requires consistent effort to build an audience and ensure your efforts get seen by the right kind of people. As you know, not everyone sees your page posts in their newsfeed, but you have more chance if you post at least twice daily.

I don’t like auto-posting tools generally, I really think HootSuite on Facebook is a turn-off. But, I have found a similar tool that features a your brand in the image rather than that pesky blue owl that everyone knows.

Check it out at


5. Facebook Ads Skyrocket Your Efforts

Now of course it wouldn’t be right not to mention the fact that Facebook Ads are the best way to get noticed on Facebook and build your audience. You can do it organically, it just takes far longer and is WAY more demotivating!

Facebook Ads put you front and centre before your ideal customers who otherwise would still be waiting to hear all about you. Facebook now have a whole raft of options to increase visitors to your Page and raise engagement. The new Facebook Offers and Page Post ads are my favourite for this.

Stay in touch with my news on this topic at, and you should also connect with Jen Sheahan at


When you deny these essential truths your Facebook Page will be a ghost town and all your efforts will be for nothing. Embrace them and you will have a beautiful new relationship with Facebook and soon find it will be the biggest referrer of traffic to your website – I promise!

Let me know which one of these truths you struggle with the most and why in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.



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Facebook Offers Roll Out

The biggest single change to Facebook Pages is now here and I’m thrilled to show you the potential of Facebook Offers for your business in this video.

I’ll run through how to set one up on your Page and how to create an Ad to get even more mileage from it.

Now, don’t fret if you haven’t seen the Offers option on your Facebook Page yet, it may be because it is only available for certain Page classifications and it is getting progressively rolled out across key countries.

I seriously hope it comes your way soon, because it is a fantastic FREE marketing opportunity! Take advantage and let me know how you go.

I’d love to see some of the Offer you create on my Facebook Page. Post them here.

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Important! New Update To Facebook Ads Is Now Live

It’s now easier to create Facebook Ads from scratch with brand new Ads Creator released by Facebook yesterday. And although it’s much easier to create an ad, you need to know about the change that radically affects how much you pay, and I’ll tell you what it is in this quick video.

Click below to find out why you need to be careful which option you choose to avoid paying too much:

You can’t choose CPM (Cost Per Impression/Display) for your Facebook Ads if you’re sending your clicks off Facebook.

This isn’t a major issue in my opinion, as I always recommend bidding CPC (Cost Per Click) anyway. But make sure you pick the right objective so you don’t inadvertently select CPM for your Ads to Facebook objects.

Got questions? Stop by My Facebook Page and ask them! I’d love to help you out.

Want me to teach you how to create winning ad campaigns that get your brand noticed by the right kind of customers? Check out my online coaching program where you get access to all my best tips and advice risk-free. Click here.

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Keeping One Step Ahead Of Timeline – What You Need To Know

Like it or not, your Facebook Page is now in Timeline format, and you’ve probably been feeling like a fish out of water since you changed over.

Aside from getting across all the image dimensions to make your Page pop, you also have to be across how the changes affect your Ad performance.

Ad Click Through Rates and Facebook Landing Page conversions have been affected, and I wanted to highlight some of these impacts so you can maximise your ad spend and avoid any pitfalls.

Image Is More Important Than Ever

Facebook Ads now have to compete with bigger images and more of them on the new visually-rich Timeline format. That means that image selection is even more critical to the success of your Ads.

Select images that stand out on the grey blue background as well as the white background, and think about using brighter images with more emotion and expression. Logos and images that feature text are performing better as these contrast with the new format.

Check out a couple of examples below:



Engagement Rates Have Gone Down

It seems that over the past couple of weeks engagement rates are down slightly, based on my testing. This could be due to user distraction with the newness of the format (we saw this with the last major change to Facebook Pages), but I think the Like button gets a little lost amongst the new App Covers and Images sitting under the Timeline cover image.

Think about adding some text to your new App Images to prompt the Like. Photo Guidelines do not permit asking for the Like on your Timeline Cover, so see how creatively you can use one of the four boxes below the cover to attract Likes and Leads.

If you’re sending traffic directly to a Custom App/Tab with your ads, then you still need to add a strong call to action to prompt the Like, or think about a reveal tab if increasing Likes are your primary campaign objective.

Sending Ads To Timeline

Although my recommendation has always been to avoid sending Facebook Ads to the old Facebook Wall, the new dynamic Timeline is a different proposition.

Sending your ads to your new Timeline Page is a more appealing option with the addition of Facebook Apps & Views and Pinned Posts. These options allow you to highlight sign-up pages, events, promotions and other website links directly from Timeline.

My testing so far has shown this to be more successful than what sending ads to a Wall used to be, but users seem to be overwhelmed with options on the new Timeline or they’re still just getting used to it to really see this as a major success strategy. This may change as everyone gets used to the “lay of the land”.

As always, you need to test your products and services to see how the changes affect your campaign results.

Want to look over my shoulder and see how I create winning Facebook Ad strategies? I’ll help take your Facebook marketing up a notch or two, and give you my no-nonsense optimization strategies for your current campaigns.

Click here to get on board!


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Make Facebook Think You’re A Big Spender

Top Facebook Ad Tip #1

Raise your campaign budget to fool Facebook into giving you more impressions straight up. This way, your Facebook Ad has the best chance of being seen and clicked on, because the more clicks you get, especially within the first couple of hours, the cheaper they will be.

As I have said before, Facebook rewards popular ads with cheaper clicks.

I see many people with Ad Budgets of $10 or $20 a day, but that WILL NOT get you the best results. Facebook is worried that it will overspend your budget, so it just doesn’t give you any impressions (in other words, it holds back on showing your Ads!), and that means you have less chance of getting a higher Click Through Rate.

My testing has also proved that when you nominate a higher Campaign Budget, Facebook approves your ad faster. Not all the time, but often.

So, start nominating Campaign Budgets of at least $50 a day, but preferably you should be selecting an amount of at least $200 a day. Remember you can just run the ad for a couple of hours up to your “real” budget, without spending the entire amount you have nominated. You can also just run the ad for a day to test it.

Once the ad starts getting a good Click Through Rate you can then start pulling down your daily budget, if necessary.

You will get better results this way.

WARNING: Keep an eye on your spend once the ad starts as you may have to make the daily budget higher than a level that you’re comfortable with. You will not have to spend the daily budget you nominate, as long as you monitor the ad and make sure you stay within your “real” budget.




You’ve got less than a week before your Facebook Page flips over to the new Timeline format THIS FRIDAY!

This new format will radically change the way you market your business on Facebook, and I want to make sure you have all you need to make the most of the change.

Rosh Khan is a super smart Facebook Marketing Genius who has created the ultimate guide to setting up your new Facebook Page Timeline. It contains everything you need to get up and running by D-Day, March 30.

Rosh creates some of the best strategies for companies like Starbucks, Ford and Clickbank and he’s going to share them with you. Not only that,  he is a great guy who knows SO much about Facebook marketing and is committed to creating great value for you.

Take a look at his Timeline guide by clicking here.

What’s holding you back on Facebook right now?  Let me know at, I’d love to hear from you!


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New Facebook Ad Messages Land More Customers On Your Page

Despite the removal of default landing tabs for visitors to your Facebook Page, you still have the option to send customers directly to your existing Custom Tab.

Take a look at this quick video about Facebook Ad Messages, the newest way to highlight your Custom Tabs and Timeline Page Content.

If you’re ready to make the most of the latest Facebook Changes, I will show you exactly how to transition and optimize your Page and Ads on a free webinar THIS Tuesday March 20 at 7pm (US EST).

Nathan Latka from will also be joining me to show off some easy ways to create your new Timeline Page and get noticed by your customers, so don’t miss out on the fun. Given I’m working with the webinar technology, I can’t guarantee a replay so it’s best to make it LIVE>

Click here to register now:

PS. Spaces are filling fast for my next round of hands-on Facebook Ads training, check it out here if you want to learn all you need to know about Facebook Ads!

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How Are You Going With All The Facebook Changes?

I know it can seem like so much to take in when Facebook makes a big change, like they did on February 29!

I have been in the US this past week for Yanik Silver’s Underground Online Seminar in Washington DC, as well as a session with Fabienne Frederickson in NYC, so I have had plenty of opportunity to see what people think of the new changes. Overwhelmingly, it seems most people are positive and I am too.

Some quick tips you need to know right now are:

  • You have until March 31 to upgrade your Facebook Page to the new Timeline for Pages format
  • You can also update your Page now to Timeline and in order to make the most of it, you should upload a new Cover Photo Image (this is 851w x 315h) and ideally it will feature an image that represents your brand
  • Your smaller Profile Picture is 180×180 and should feature a logo or your website address
  • Your Custom Tab still displays, but you cannot direct new Likers to them anymore. Everyone will access your Tab either direct from your Timeline (it is in a feature box below the Cover Photo), or direct from Ads. Make sure you add a new image to your App so this displays on your Timeline. This can be done by clicking on the App in Edit Page and uploading an image 111w x 74h – add a great call to action too as this is great exposure
  • You can Pin Page Posts to the top of your Timeline for a maximum of 7 days (just click on the pencil icon on the top right and select Pin to Page to highlight a post with a link to your Custom Tab or an opt-in page on your website)

There are plenty more ways to take advantage of the new changes, especially using Facebook Ads. Stay tuned because I will be sending out details of a webinar I will be hosting next week that will run through all the changes in detail and how you can make the most of them!

In the meantime, if you missed joining my Facebook Ads Group Coaching program in February, the good news is it is on again in March. Just click here to find out more and register. I had some great feedback from the first group, and I just know you can get some great results with your Facebook Ad campaigns too.

Got questions? Let me know what’s got you stuck here.

My New Timeline Cover Image
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Are You Paying Too Much For Facebook Likes?

It’s great to build Likes with Facebook Ads as they can grow your fan base much faster than you can do alone.

But how much are your Likes costing you, and how do you know if you’re paying too much?

The amount you pay for a Like from Facebook Ads can vary, and is influenced by how effective your ads are (better ads get cheaper clicks), and whether or not you have a Welcome Tab set up on your Page (to prompt for the Like).

According to this handy infographic from the guys at Flowtown, the cost of a Like varies for each industry, with the most expensive being $1.27 for Healthcare and the cheapest being 31c for e-Commerce.

Although, it’s handy to have an industry breakdown, without the definitions of what fits in to each category you may still be a little baffled.

The important thing to takeaway from this study is the variance itself. If the average cost of your Likes are falling within this range, regardless of your industry or niche, then you’re doing pretty well.

I find the average cost per like sits mostly sits around 95c, with some exceptions. And yes, this is more expensive than what you could pay for Bulk Likes from faceless masses, but the aim of your Facebook Page is to foster a community of targeted buyers, so a posse of fake Likers would be a little bit stupid, especially because they don’t buy anything!


If you want to get your Cost Per Like even lower, try these tips:

1. Ask for the Like in your ad copy with phrases like “Click Like below to find out more”

2. Make your ad targeting as laser-focused as possible, DO NOT use broad category targeting!

3. Actively engage with your audience on your Facebook Page so that they Like and Share your content which will lead to more free Likes.

As you know, I put a higher value on obtaining email addresses over Likes, so don’t forget to collect emails on your Custom Tab too.

If you have any questions about getting more Likes, come and post them on my Facebook Page (and don’t forget to Like it while you’re there :)).


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Best Ever Facebook Ad Destinations

Not sure where to send people who click on your Facebook Ads?

Click play to find out where you should be pointing your ads and how to set it up right from the start:

By the way, if you want more specific training like this on Facebook Ads, you should grab your last chance to register for my brand new training.

It will get you using Facebook Ads like a pro in no time, even if you’ve never used them before!

Be quick because my introductory pricing (which includes 4 Live Group Q&A Calls) ends this Thursday February 9.

The price WILL increase dramatically next month, so if you want access to a content-packed members only website, a Private Facebook Group AND 4 Live Group Q&A Calls, please register now and join 30 other pro-active small business owners and online entrepreneurs.