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What I Know For Sure About Facebook Ads

There’s always a whole lot of discussion going on about whether Social Media is worthwhile, and when the demise of Facebook is coming, particularly with the launch of Google +.

I’ve got to admit, I have been playing around on Google +, and I am enjoying the cut-through and simplicity of it from a social and business networking perspective.

It is clearly popular amongst “Early-Adopters” and the Online Marketing community, but it still has a way to go before it proves itself to have the power of Facebook as a platform, especially for business.

That’s not to say it won’t provide opportunities for us as marketers, but it is still very much the New Kid On The Block.

Lewis Howes, who is the Go To Guy for LinkedIn, wants me to do some Facebook Ads for him and I told him that I’d love to help him build his online audience.

As we set about developing the right strategy, he threw out a challenge, or a legitimate question.  Or maybe it was both.

He wanted to know whether he should invest further in Facebook since he is seeing a decline in engagement on his Page since Google +.

After I pondered his question for about 1 second, I could barely contain my desire to share with Lewis exactly what I know for sure about Facebook, and why Facebook Ads are still of enormous value to his brand.

1. Facebook Ads Offer Unrivalled Targeting Potential
Would you prefer to target people searching for a Yoga Classes on Google? Or would you rather target Women Aged 25-40 living in Manhattan, who wear lululemon athetica, have read Eat Pray Love and are inspired by the Dalai Lama with Facebook Ads?

2. Pictures Tell Your Story Better Than Words
A Facebook Ad can ride on the success of a well selected image alone. The image also shows off your brand personality so much more than text alone.

3. An Integrated Approach To Rival The Whole Internet
Connecting with authenticity and value could not be easier once you catch their awareness with a Facebook Ad, bring them over to your Page, capture their email, and then start a meaningful and lasting dialogue that leads to more sales over time. This is not possible as quickly and as scalable anywhere else online.

So, after I’d pointed all that out to Lewis, he was ready to push the button on his new Facebook Ad campaign. Not surprising really…

If you want to tap into the power of Facebook Ads, sign up for my free video training here, or ask me about how I can manage your campaigns by clicking here.

Interested in tapping into the potential of LinkedIn with Lewis? Check him out here.



Ad Targeting Branding Facebook Marketing

Be Remarkable With Facebook Ads

My kids were driving me crazy today.  Despite the fact that we’d gone to see the latest Harry Potter movie, they were really making my shopping trip less than pleasurable.

The rescue came in the form of the guy in the toy store. He took the time to chat to my girls and engage them in some of his new products in between finding me the perfect gift for a friend’s child.

The kids and I walked out of the store smiling from the engaging service we had received.

It was remarkable.

So, it got me thinking about the things you can do to stand out amongst the competition, and how it can create enormous value in your business.

Next time you set about creating your Facebook Ads, see what you can do to make them remarkable. The following suggestions are just a start:

  • Delight with a funny or endearing image
  • Surprise by using the user’s  Age or Hometown in the copy of your ad (you can target prospects by these demographics)
  • Say Happy Birthday to your fans and give them access to a special offer (this is also a targeting option)

Making your Facebook Ads remarkable is about setting your brand apart from your competition and creating a special connection with your audience. You want the first impression of your brand to be positively memorable, not just to get a click, but to eventually get a conversion and customer for life.

Do you find anything remarkable about these ads? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

I create remarkable campaigns for a wide range of clients from Retailers to Internet Marketers, if you want me to create your next campaign, get in touch here.


Clear and Concise Facebook Ads Get More Clicks

Just because you have 135 characters in the copy of a Facebook Ad, does not mean you should use them. In order to give your ad the best chance of getting clicked on, keep it punchy.

Which Facebook Ad would you rather click on?


The second Ad gets to the point faster and stands out amongst its wordier neighbours.

If you can fit your message in half the space allowed, your call to action will be so much clearer and more effective. Facebook Ads are a distraction for users and must be crafted as such. The less words used to explain your offer means it takes your audience less time to understand it, click on it, act and then get back to checking out their new best friend’s pics from Saturday night.

Ruthlessly edit your copy and axe any redundant words, while still protecting meaning. Take a look at other Facebook Ads and take note of the elements that attract you, be critical and discover what inspires you to click.

Image selection is paramount to keeping your ads brief. Let your image do most of the talking by choosing one that is clear, stands out and is relevant to your message. This ad is a great example of letting the image do most of the talking and using few words to encourage clicks:

Appliances Online understand what motivates their customers to choose them, and also they keep the goal of their ad (to get more Likes) as a clear message.

In all honesty, not many advertisers do this well, and I too suffer from the “squeeze as much as possible in” syndrome. But, if you want to increase your clicks and reduce your Cost Per Click, then please start culling those words before you submit them and see what a difference it makes.

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3 Ways To Maximise Your Facebook Ad Conversions

It’s fairly easy to get Clicks on your Facebook Ads. A good image and headline will do most of the work for you, but the real power comes from targeting along with these 3 Ad Must-Haves:

1. The Ad Image Must Reflect The Landing Page

Choose an image that fits with your brand, your call to action and most of all gives the audience a taste of what’s in store and increases their willingness to engage. For example, don’t have use a cheesy stock image if your Facebook Page prides itself on setting itself apart from the mainstream.

You wouldn’t put a C-Grade image in a press ad, or your catalogue, so don’t take short cuts on Facebook, just because you can. Use the same quality control of images you would use for traditional media, and try to use a shot from the landing page if possible.

2. The Landing Page Must Portray Your Personality – Your Brand’s Or Your Own

Don’t sell straight away, unless you’re marketing to your Page Community who already know you. Best practice is to assume they don’t know you yet, and you need to introduce your brand or yourself in the appropriate way. You wouldn’t meet someone at a networking event and get out your credit card processor in an effort to get the sale, so don’t put a big Add To Cart button straight up on your landing page.

3. An Email Opt-In or Facebook Page Like Prompt Takes Pride Of Place

The power of Facebook Ads lies in building your community via Likes and/or emails so you can build engagement and sales over time. Make sure your landing page offers a specific and enticing reason for those who click to connect with you. This also means featuring professional graphics and layouts on either your Facebook Page tab or your landing page, this adds credibility. Where possible, a decent number of Likes or testimonials will also illicit trust and drive a lead conversion for you.

These tips support your Facebook Ad strategy and will make sure your cost per lead remains effective and will lead to more sales in the long run. What do you think of this ad and it’s corresponding landing page?


Ad Targeting Facebook Facebook Pages

The Know, Like & Trust Factor Drives Facebook Ads Too

It’s not like I didn’t know the power of truly activating a Facebook Page with targeted Facebook Ads, but the campaign I ran for a client today really brought the point home.

By activating a Facebook presence for a retail destination, within one day the page received 147 Likes. This was driven in part by two ads that I split tested.

One of which promoted an event that has broader appeal targeted to an audience within an 80km radius of the destination. This resulted in 50% of Clicks converted to Likes.

The other advertisement which targeted nearby residents within a 10km radius had the same Click Through Rate of 0.06%, however the ad converted 90% of Clicks to Likes.

Both ads served a purpose, and received a low CPC, and met the objective of driving new page Likes. But the efficiency of the more precisely targeted advertisement performed so much better in terms of the objective, for the same investment.

Check out the Audience Diagrams side by side. these can be found in your Ad Manager and are a great way to get “at a glance” ad performance. The aim with all Facebook Ads is to get the green and the orange circles as large as possible within the blue circle. This demonstrates the reach and effectiveness of your ads.

Having managed several campaigns that have been sending clicks off Facebook, it was great to reinforce just how much cheaper and more effective sending your ads within Facebook is. It really is the way to extract the most value for your ad spend, and with all the opportunities to integrate elements of your site with your Fan Page, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be doing it now.

Have you shied away from a Facebook Page strategy? If so, leave a comment and share why you haven’t jumped in yet. Also, feel free to ask a question.


New Easy Ad Targeting Tool For Facebook

Facebook has made keyword targeting easier with a new tool to make suggested broad category targeting easier. So now when you click on Likes and Interest in Facebook Ad Manager, you will see an option to click on broad category targeting.

This option is perfect for getting some ideas about options available to you, but be aware that many advertisers will start using this as it is EASY.

Now, I know easy can be great. But hard work is what gets the rewards, and this applies to Facebook Ads as much as it applies to anything else.

With more people selecting the broad category keywords, some of the more popular terms will become more heavily used, and therefore we will see the bidding price of these go up as a consequence.

This means that targeting by specific interest is likely to yield more cost-efficient Facebook advertising, not to mention more relevant.

So, use the Broad Category targeting tool it to get ideas about areas to target, but try not to feature the categories in your targeting before you’ve explored more specific interests.

As always, with any advertising you should stay away from generic targeting unless you have the big bucks to back it up. Successful advertising is relevant and engaging, and there is more chance of this happening when you use the beauty of specific targeting on Facebook Ads.

Smart move by Facebook. Not only does it making placing ads easier, it also drives up the price. I can just see how popular and used the Cooking keyword will become!

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What The Dalai Lama Taught Me About Online Marketing

I had the great pleasure of seeing the Dalai Lama give a talk yesterday on compassion and wisdom. The best part though, was that his insights are so relevant to the world of online marketing as well as the world, period.

Without effort, without action, prosperity will not come

So when His Holiness shared this insight, I couldn’t help but think how easy it is to have so many ideas for products and services to market online, But these ideas mean nothing unless you go about packaging your programs, creating the content and spreading the word. Those that are successful online don’t spend that much time on strategy and tweaking their web design, they just get cracking selling their products and programs.

I’ve been using action for some time to combat overwhelm in creating a business I love. It is as soothing as prayer or meditation.

Trust brings fame

The Dalai Lama was reflecting on how fame affects his message and his place in the universe. Importantly, he highlighted that you always want to have a good name and reputation and you foster this through sincerity and honesty.

In an industry of snake oil salesman and hype, I’m going to focus on building trust and friendship on my way to creating a successful online business.

There’s plenty of reasons to be optimistic

Courtesy John Sones


You better believe it. The time is ripe for the online entrepreneur and I’m grabbing the opportunity with both hands. Never before has the tools to get your message and great work out there in the world been so accessible, so get going, be sincere and authentic and get excited about what you can make happen.

Oh, and go and see the Dalai Lama if he’s in your town soon. Otherwise, you could always be one of the 1.6 million people who Like his Facebook Page at What better way to communicate your wisdom than Facebook?