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James Schramko Podcast

James Schramko is one of my mentors and a highly respected online marketer. He is such an awesome guy, and I was lucky enough to be featured as a guest on his successful podcast sharing my insights into getting the most of  your Facebook marketing.

Listen to the recording here.
You’ll discover how I upgraded James’ Page to improve his Facebook Marketing efforts and drive opt ins. You can  see the Custom Tab we created for him on his Facebook Page. This is a great example of providing great value for your existing and potential fans all while building your list with Facebook Ads.
If your Facebook Page needs an upgrade, we will create a fully branded solution and email capture tab for your page that grows your list and your likes all while improving your Facebook Ad Conversions. If you want to know more, take a look here.

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Amy Reveals Latest Facebook Marketing Techniques For More Leads

I had the pleasure of hosting a free live Facebook training with my good friend, Amy Porterfield and I didn’t want you to miss out if you couldn’t make it.
Take some time to discover some of her great tips for increasing engagement with your Facebook Page fans, and if you listen to the end, there is a cool bonus for you.
Click Play below:

Facebook Marketing Secrets Revealed from Victoria Gibson on Vimeo.

When you get access to Amy’s revamped program Facebook Influence before 11pm Sunday 9 December (US PST) using this link only [CLICK HERE TO BUY] just email me with your receipt at and I will give you complete access to the my Sell More With Facebook Ads program – FREE. Check out the program, and everything you get by clicking here.

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Make Your Facebook Ad Landing Page Work For You

An effective landing page is critical to the success of your Facebook Ads campaign, but it’s really hard to know what to include to get great results and achieve your campaign goals.

There is one consistent element you should include on your Facebook Ad Landing Pages and I have demonstrated it across these three examples. Can you guess what it is?




I know you don’t have to be Einstein to figure it out, but you simply MUST give your visitors a compelling reason to connect with you!

Whether it is a free report, a video series, a giveaway or the chance to win something great, you must provide FREE value to kick off a promising new relationship with your prospects. This will set you and your prospect up for a positive and engaging relationship that will lead to more sales in the long run.

By offering something of value first, rather than trying to sell straight away, you will be in keeping with the spirit of Facebook which is all about staying connected rather than making a “hit and run” sale. By building on this connection you lay the foundation for more sales in the long run and this is the where the value is in Facebook Ad campaigns.

If Likes are your objective, then make sure you ask for the Like or have a “Like Gate” where visitors must first Like your Page before they get access to your free offer. It is always better to keep your landing page on Facebook as your Ads will generally be cheaper and you have the chance to get the Like too.

Landing Pages coupled with great targeting are the keys to Facebook Ad success, so if you want a cheap and easy resource for creating fuss-free Facebook Landing Pages? Take a look at and grab your free Facebook tab, you won’t look back!

What do you think makes a Landing Page successful? Let me know in the comments below.


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4 Simple Steps To Facebook Marketing Success LIVE With Amy & Me

If you’re looking for some easy and actionable ideas to boost your Facebook marketing efforts, I’ve got a special treat for you this week.

I am hosting a live webinar with Amy Porterfield, Facebook Marketer and author of Facebook Marketing All In One for Dummies this Tuesday at 7pm US EST which is this Wednesday at 12 Midnight in the UK and 11am AEST for all the Aussies.

Click to Register For This Exclusive Live Webinar.

She will let you in on her best secrets for building an audience on Facebook, and how she helps her clients go from Zero To Hero with tested strategies that really work.

Having set up the foundation for the Facebook presence of Tony Robbins and Social Media Examiner, she really knows her stuff. Amy will also take you through some great case studies of small businesses and sole operators with relevant examples that you can apply to your own business.

Amy recommends using Facebook Ads too, and she will cover her approach in this 60 min content-packed webinar that you won’t want to miss. The best part is you can ask her your Facebook Marketing questions and I’ll be there to answer any of your questions on Facebook Ads. Together, Amy and I have got you covered.

I have got to know Amy well this past year as we have both been part of an awesome Mastermind Group (check us out in Mexico, in the pic below). She is the real deal and I love brainstorming ideas with her regularly, she is my go to resource and I want you to access her brilliance too!

Make sure you register via the link below as the spaces are limited by the technology. Amy’s webinar with Darren Rowse from Problogger last week filled up completely and many people missed out. Those that didn’t were singing her praises and so glad they made the time to join the session. I know you’ll love it.

Register Here Now.

If you can’t make it, post your questions in the comments below and I’ll do my best to get them answered on the webinar.

Amy Porterfield and I With The Rest Of Our Mastermind Gals in Mexico
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A Brand New All-In-One Facebook Solution?

It’s finally here! A program that not only shows you how to get more Likes and customer engagement on your Facebook Page, but also how to use Facebook Ads to get more eyeballs on your Page and grow a strong base of Super Fans. They’re the kind of advocates us Marketers dream about, and my beautiful friend Amy will tell you all about them in tomorrow’s free webinar. What’s Juice got to do with it? Nothing. But I recorded a quick video to tell you what I’m excited about this week.

If you want more success on Facebook, Amy’s sharing some of her best advice as well as outlining her brand new program on this value-packed webinar. Click here to get on the free call.

PS If you’re looking for a quick way to supercharge your current Facebook Ad campaigns, or you want to get one of the ground, book in for a Coaching Call with me. In one hour, we can troubleshoot your current efforts, or you can walk away with a brand new ready to go campaign, as well as the tools to monitor and optimise so you can make the most of your $$. It’s just $250, which is a fraction of the price of my Done For You Service. So if you’re up for it, click here to let me know you’re interested!

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Learn How To Add A Custom Tab To Your Facebook Page

Hi there,

I hope you’re enjoying your long weekend if you live in the US, or you had a great Father’s Day weekend if you live in Australia.

I get a few questions about creating Custom Landing Tabs to Facebook Pages, so I thought I would upload a video on how to do this.

Custom Tabs really increase your Facebook Ad conversions to Likes and Opt-Ins and allow you to integrate important elements from your website onto your Facebook Page.

I realised after I filmed the video that I didn’t show you how to do a “Fan Gate” or “Reveal Tab”, but this is because I believe the simple tabs work much better and encourage both Likes and Opt-Ins.

If you like the video, please “Like It”, and if you have more questions just post them on my Facebook Page and I’ll do my best to answer them.

How To Create A Custom Landing Tab On Your Facebook Page


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The Top 5 Benefits Of Keeping Your Ad Traffic On Facebook

I’m sure you know by now from my previous posts and Facebook Page that I believe strongly in keeping your Facebook Ad traffic on Facebook. In fact, I’m fanatical about it!

It not only gives you more opportunity to engage with your customers, but it also has some other great bonuses.

When your Facebook Ad clicks to a Facebook Page with a custom landing tab that captures email addresses, you unlock these 5 major benefits:

1. Your Ads Cost Less

Facebook reward advertisers who keep their traffic on Facebook with cheaper Ads. They want to keep users on Facebook, so they provide you with cheaper clicks. Got to be happy with that!

2. You Get To Double Dip From Your Traffic

With a Custom Landing Tab that encourages your Facebook Ad traffic to sign up for a bite-sized free taste of your service, you have a brand new lead-generator that works in tandem with your website. You can even provide links to your site for added SEO power. The double effect comes in to play by also encouraging visitors to Like your Page, and then consistently engaging with them on Facebook and via email. That’s fantastic exposure for your brand.

3. You Can Leverage Their Friends

When those lovely new “Likers” have Liked your Page as a result of a Facebook Ad, that action shows up in their newsfeed to their on average 130 friends, who may just be curious enough to check out your Page and offer too. Gotta love the Friend Factor.

4. You Build Trust Faster

By introducing your offer on Facebook, your audience will already feel more open to your brand because they haven’t moved out of the Facebook Comfort Zone. Your brand benefits from the kudos of one of the most visited websites in the world, and if you make sure you focus on telling stories, teaching and building relationships rather than selling, this benefit provides lasting value.

5. Social Credibility Is Built-In

Facebook will happily tell your Ad Traffic which of their friends also likes your Page – IN YOUR AD. This happens automatically, otherwise you can select to run a Sponsored Story instead, which is all about telling the Friends of Your Fans that their friends Like you! Sponsored Stories can be really effective once you have at least 500 fans, and get favoured positioning from Facebook. Who doesn’t want to jump the queue when it comes to Ad placement?

These Ads show you examples of a Sponsored Story and a Facebook Ad that directs traffic to a Page – note the Social Cred opportunities on both.


Ad Targeting Branding Facebook Marketing

What I Know For Sure About Facebook Ads

There’s always a whole lot of discussion going on about whether Social Media is worthwhile, and when the demise of Facebook is coming, particularly with the launch of Google +.

I’ve got to admit, I have been playing around on Google +, and I am enjoying the cut-through and simplicity of it from a social and business networking perspective.

It is clearly popular amongst “Early-Adopters” and the Online Marketing community, but it still has a way to go before it proves itself to have the power of Facebook as a platform, especially for business.

That’s not to say it won’t provide opportunities for us as marketers, but it is still very much the New Kid On The Block.

Lewis Howes, who is the Go To Guy for LinkedIn, wants me to do some Facebook Ads for him and I told him that I’d love to help him build his online audience.

As we set about developing the right strategy, he threw out a challenge, or a legitimate question.  Or maybe it was both.

He wanted to know whether he should invest further in Facebook since he is seeing a decline in engagement on his Page since Google +.

After I pondered his question for about 1 second, I could barely contain my desire to share with Lewis exactly what I know for sure about Facebook, and why Facebook Ads are still of enormous value to his brand.

1. Facebook Ads Offer Unrivalled Targeting Potential
Would you prefer to target people searching for a Yoga Classes on Google? Or would you rather target Women Aged 25-40 living in Manhattan, who wear lululemon athetica, have read Eat Pray Love and are inspired by the Dalai Lama with Facebook Ads?

2. Pictures Tell Your Story Better Than Words
A Facebook Ad can ride on the success of a well selected image alone. The image also shows off your brand personality so much more than text alone.

3. An Integrated Approach To Rival The Whole Internet
Connecting with authenticity and value could not be easier once you catch their awareness with a Facebook Ad, bring them over to your Page, capture their email, and then start a meaningful and lasting dialogue that leads to more sales over time. This is not possible as quickly and as scalable anywhere else online.

So, after I’d pointed all that out to Lewis, he was ready to push the button on his new Facebook Ad campaign. Not surprising really…

If you want to tap into the power of Facebook Ads, sign up for my free video training here, or ask me about how I can manage your campaigns by clicking here.

Interested in tapping into the potential of LinkedIn with Lewis? Check him out here.



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Be Remarkable With Facebook Ads

My kids were driving me crazy today.  Despite the fact that we’d gone to see the latest Harry Potter movie, they were really making my shopping trip less than pleasurable.

The rescue came in the form of the guy in the toy store. He took the time to chat to my girls and engage them in some of his new products in between finding me the perfect gift for a friend’s child.

The kids and I walked out of the store smiling from the engaging service we had received.

It was remarkable.

So, it got me thinking about the things you can do to stand out amongst the competition, and how it can create enormous value in your business.

Next time you set about creating your Facebook Ads, see what you can do to make them remarkable. The following suggestions are just a start:

  • Delight with a funny or endearing image
  • Surprise by using the user’s  Age or Hometown in the copy of your ad (you can target prospects by these demographics)
  • Say Happy Birthday to your fans and give them access to a special offer (this is also a targeting option)

Making your Facebook Ads remarkable is about setting your brand apart from your competition and creating a special connection with your audience. You want the first impression of your brand to be positively memorable, not just to get a click, but to eventually get a conversion and customer for life.

Do you find anything remarkable about these ads? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

I create remarkable campaigns for a wide range of clients from Retailers to Internet Marketers, if you want me to create your next campaign, get in touch here.