Clear and Concise Facebook Ads Get More Clicks

Just because you have 135 characters in the copy of a Facebook Ad, does not mean you should use them. In order to give your ad the best chance of getting clicked on, keep it punchy.

Which Facebook Ad would you rather click on?


The second Ad gets to the point faster and stands out amongst its wordier neighbours.

If you can fit your message in half the space allowed, your call to action will be so much clearer and more effective. Facebook Ads are a distraction for users and must be crafted as such. The less words used to explain your offer means it takes your audience less time to understand it, click on it, act and then get back to checking out their new best friend’s pics from Saturday night.

Ruthlessly edit your copy and axe any redundant words, while still protecting meaning. Take a look at other Facebook Ads and take note of the elements that attract you, be critical and discover what inspires you to click.

Image selection is paramount to keeping your ads brief. Let your image do most of the talking by choosing one that is clear, stands out and is relevant to your message. This ad is a great example of letting the image do most of the talking and using few words to encourage clicks:

Appliances Online understand what motivates their customers to choose them, and also they keep the goal of their ad (to get more Likes) as a clear message.

In all honesty, not many advertisers do this well, and I too suffer from the “squeeze as much as possible in” syndrome. But, if you want to increase your clicks and reduce your Cost Per Click, then please start culling those words before you submit them and see what a difference it makes.

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