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Facebook Ad Approvals – The Basics

Your introduction to the world of Facebook Ads will be with Facebook’s “Approval Gatekeepers”.

Their job is to uphold the Advertising Guidelines, but for a social network based on relationships they are notoriously bad at communicating and forging any kind of relationship with their independent advertisers!

In this short video, I’ll run you through the Facebook Ad Approval Process.

If you are getting stuck in a world of disapproval, the key is persistence and constantly refining your ad to meet the Advertising Guidelines, or just luck out on a more forgiving approver!

Have you had trouble getting your Facebook Ads approved? Leave your tips for overcoming this common problem below.

Need an Approval Lifeline? Revisit the official Advertising Guidelines to check you Ad complies, or post your ad on my Facebook Page and I’m happy to share my tips with you there.

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