New Easy Ad Targeting Tool For Facebook

Facebook has made keyword targeting easier with a new tool to make suggested broad category targeting easier. So now when you click on Likes and Interest in Facebook Ad Manager, you will see an option to click on broad category targeting.

This option is perfect for getting some ideas about options available to you, but be aware that many advertisers will start using this as it is EASY.

Now, I know easy can be great. But hard work is what gets the rewards, and this applies to Facebook Ads as much as it applies to anything else.

With more people selecting the broad category keywords, some of the more popular terms will become more heavily used, and therefore we will see the bidding price of these go up as a consequence.

This means that targeting by specific interest is likely to yield more cost-efficient Facebook advertising, not to mention more relevant.

So, use the Broad Category targeting tool it to get ideas about areas to target, but try not to feature the categories in your targeting before you’ve explored more specific interests.

As always, with any advertising you should stay away from generic targeting unless you have the big bucks to back it up. Successful advertising is relevant and engaging, and there is more chance of this happening when you use the beauty of specific targeting on Facebook Ads.

Smart move by Facebook. Not only does it making placing ads easier, it also drives up the price. I can just see how popular and used the Cooking keyword will become!

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