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Facebook Offers Roll Out

The biggest single change to Facebook Pages is now here and I’m thrilled to show you the potential of Facebook Offers for your business in this video.

I’ll run through how to set one up on your Page and how to create an Ad to get even more mileage from it.

Now, don’t fret if you haven’t seen the Offers option on your Facebook Page yet, it may be because it is only available for certain Page classifications and it is getting progressively rolled out across key countries.

I seriously hope it comes your way soon, because it is a fantastic FREE marketing opportunity! Take advantage and let me know how you go.

I’d love to see some of the Offer you create on my Facebook Page. Post them here.

9 replies on “Facebook Offers Roll Out”

Hey Victoria,

I love how I can count on you to keep me up to date on all the changing opportunities FB offers.

Thanks for another great video. FB offers does sound like a fantastic option. I’m looking forward to when it’s available to us here in the USA.


I’m just curious if the company running the offer is able to garner the email addresses of those that are claiming the offer?
What an awesome way to build your email list if it is possible.

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