NEW FEATURE: How To Use Promoted Posts

Facebook keeps rolling out amazing new features designed to make it easier for businesses to market themselves on Facebook (and of course attract more people to advertise). The good news is the latest changes announced last week are free or cost very little to use.

Promoted Posts allow you to promote a specific Facebook Post to your Fans over a short time. It is basically an easy way to get more eyeballs on your message and is really designed for those people not yet using Facebook Ads.

In my latest video, I’ll step you through how to use this new feature. Just click on the video to play.

Keep in mind that Promoted Posts do not replace the effectiveness of Facebook Ads, but can be useful for those of you who are a little intimidated to create your own ads as they are super simple to set up.

Is it a revenue raiser? Absolutely, but worth testing to see if it ups your Facebook Page engagement.

Have you used Promoted Posts yet? Leave a comment below and let me know how they worked for you.


Victoria June 5, 2012 Facebook