Juicy Facebook Page Questions Answered

Over the past couple of weeks I have been lucky enough to discuss Facebook marketing with many Entrepreneurs at both Marie Forleo’s RHH Live and Ali Brown’s Shine events in the US. Answers to the top 2 questions I got asked were worthy of a posting here, in the hope that it may help you out too.

The first question is “Can I Change The Name Of My Facebook Page?”

The quick answer to this is “No” if you have 100 Fans or more. Facebook do not allow Page name changes to stop people buying and selling Facebook Pages and protect users from a change in Page content without their permission.

An alternative to losing all your fans and starting over from scratch is to delete your fans down to 99, and then change your Page name. At least this way your new Page kicks off with more than zero Likes! Just click under the number of your Likes on the left hand side of your Page and then delete enough fans individually by clicking on the x beside each name.

The second question is “How Do I Create A Custom Welcome Tab On My Facebook Page With A Video and Email Opt In?”

This is a really common question, and as some of you know I sent you a recent video on how to do this, and I wanted to let you know that the system I showed you how to use in that video has been relaunched and is now available.

Find out more about it by watching this entertaining video:

Click Here To Watch

If you missed the original video I posted showing you how to use this simple system to create your own Custom Tab, feel free to watch it by clicking HERE.

A Custom Tab is the key to making money on Facebook because it allows you to replicate many of the features of your website RIGHT ON FACEBOOK.

I’m looking forward to winging my way home to Australia after my US trip, but I really loved learning more from some of social media’s leading experts including Kate Buck Jr, Lewis Howes and James Wedmore. It’s time to get home and start creating more value for you all, and I can’t wait!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Victoria 🙂





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