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Learn How To Add A Custom Tab To Your Facebook Page

Hi there,

I hope you’re enjoying your long weekend if you live in the US, or you had a great Father’s Day weekend if you live in Australia.

I get a few questions about creating Custom Landing Tabs to Facebook Pages, so I thought I would upload a video on how to do this.

Custom Tabs really increase your Facebook Ad conversions to Likes and Opt-Ins and allow you to integrate important elements from your website onto your Facebook Page.

I realised after I filmed the video that I didn’t show you how to do a “Fan Gate” or “Reveal Tab”, but this is because I believe the simple tabs work much better and encourage both Likes and Opt-Ins.

If you like the video, please “Like It”, and if you have more questions just post them on my Facebook Page and I’ll do my best to answer them.

How To Create A Custom Landing Tab On Your Facebook Page


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