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New Facebook Right Hand Side Ads

If you’ve only been focused on Newsfeed Ads, it’s time to take another look at good ol’ Right Hand Side Ads.

Facebook have just changed the size of those traditional ads that display on the Right Hand Side of the Facebook Home Feed on Desktop computers.

These Facebook Ads generally have a lower Click Through Rate (CTR), but Facebook will show them more than Newsfeed Ads as there is way more display inventory.

The good news is, that as these new sized ads are being phased in, you get the opportunity to stand out even more as less advertisers are set up to take advantage of them.

There are a couple of key points you need to know in order to get your ads displaying even bigger on the Right Hand Side of Facebook, and that is that your Image Size now needs to be 254×133, but the same image you used to use for Newsfeed & Mobile Ads will be scaled to fit and your images must NOT contain more than 20% text, just as has always been applied to Newsfeed and Mobile ad images.

The other thing to remember is that so far, you cannot select a Call To Action Button to display on the new Right Hand Side format, but this may change.

Take a look at this video walkthrough I created which also shows the results of a few campaigns I have run already in the new format.


I’ll be showing more details on how you can take advantage of this and a couple of other Facebook Ad changes on my latest webinar. Want to join me (it’s FREE)? Just click here to register.

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