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NEW FACEBOOK TRAINING: Get In Front Of All Your Fans

I know Facebook can sometimes seem like low down, dirty, money-grabbing scoundrels. They change things all the time and it seems like they want to make it tough for businesses to be seen, but this time I have to come to their defence.

Even with the algorithm change in late September, you have never been able to reach all your Fan’s news feeds for free. It just has never been possible. In order to make sure they saw your messages, you have always needed to use Ads targeting your fans to get in front of 100%, and even then they would have to log on to see your ad.

Facebook is not an email marketing service. You get to show up in more of your Fans news feeds the more your fans like, interact with and share your content. This means it’s up to YOU not Facebook to get your stuff seen by more people.

Now before you go telling me how you don’t think it’s fair to pay, then there are options where you can increase your visibility for free. Just post more engaging and valuable content more often. Your audience will respond and Facebook will reward you by increasing the visibility of your posts.

If you get zero Likes, Comments or Shares on a post it means that your audience isn’t digging your content, you’re posting at the wrong time of the day or you’re not posting often enough, or users are hiding your posts from their feed. Make this mistake a few times, and Facebook will pull down your visibility, probably because your posts suck. So, post stuff that doesn’t suck to get seen more for free (by the way, I don’t know many other platforms that give you such a great FREE opportunity with access to 1 billion users globally, but go ahead and be mad with them if you want!).

If you want to increase the eyeballs on your content, grow your existing fan base and actually market your business, then I recommend using Facebook Advertising. I know, how dare I suggest that you pay to market your business! Nobody pays to market their business right? Wrong.

Investing in your marketing once you have a product or service to sell is not only smart, but essential. You wouldn’t open up a brand new store and just hope people come past, even if it is in a great location. You would advertise and promote it with a combination of free and paid advertising and publicity solutions. That is all Facebook is asking you to do too.

Rather than clutter users news feeds with boring posts from long-forgotten brands they have likes, Facebook is demanding that you stay relevant if you want the benefits of organic reach. But your overall impact on Facebook will be so much greater when you invest in some simple Facebook Page Marketing that includes Facebook Ads.

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9 replies on “NEW FACEBOOK TRAINING: Get In Front Of All Your Fans”

Thank you Victoria. It’s so important people realise that reaching all fans via their newsfeed is practically impossible for all but the least connected fans. I am personally fairly pleased with my organic reach.

My page is very small but the percentage of fans I can reach is far greater than many pages whether they are equal or larger sized.

I am choosy with where I find my fans, I stay on topic most of the time whether it’s my articles and pics, other peoples articles or just conversational posts and don’t fill the page with generic memes, motivational quotes and cat pictures.

Next step is scaling it up partially through paid ads

Thanks Victoria for telling it like it is. Makes sense doesn’t it?
And you are so good, I followed and read the whole post without a cute puppy pic at the top like much of facebook. Just trying to figure out best way to stay relevant is what’s tough. I know your articles help, it is just the implementation…

Thanks Marj! It’s great to have you here. I find batching and scheduling posts really helps and checking the update the Page Post Ad with latest post kind of puts things on autopilot. Google Alerts helps for post content too 🙂

About time somebody called it as it is! I completely agree. I don’t see what’s wrong about wanting to make money in a business either. I think Facebook is a huge opportunity. I do a lot of promoted posts these days and it works well for me!

Agreed, great article. A lot of the forums and FB Groups that I follow have a lot of small businesses ranting about this topic all the time. While it is hard to find engaging content, consistently, I find it important to remind myself if people have liked my page (honestly not because of some FB ladder) than they want to hear what I have to say. If they are not liking the posts than I am not helping them so it really is a great ‘targeting’ tool. Thanks again for this post, it helped remind me of a few basics I tend to loose sight of!

Great post, thanks. All of your points need to be reiterated…many businesses are becoming lazy. Wether it is serving a customer in a retail store, servicing a client in a consulting business or engaging followers in social media, there is no ‘silver bullet’; it takes effort anfd work!

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