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NEW FEATURE ALERT: Facebook Offers

I’ve been so excited since Facebook announced the Offers feature had arrived for Pages. This feature allows you to post offers and discounts to your Facebook Page in the form of a coupon that can be claimed by Facebook users (whether they Like your Page or not).

Offering “Daily Deals” on your Facebook Page requires some strategy, but this is a fantastic opportunity for businesses with a physical location (you can only access this feature if your Page is also a Facebook Place – that means you need to be able to Check In at the address listed on the Page).

I have had some great success already using this feature on some of my Client’s Pages, with one offer driving over 1,000 Likes on it’s first day on a Page with just 4,000 Likes.

I have used this as a case study in my presentation for the upcoming Advanced Facebook Ads online conference.

My presentation is in good company, with the likes of Amy Porterfield and Jay Baer also sharing some great content on getting sharp with Facebook Ads. Although all the content will be featured in the conference, I wanted to show you my slides so that you can see what’s possible with Facebook Offers.

I created my presentation using SlideRocket so you’ll notice it has a cool autoplay feature, but you can also just arrow forward at your own pace:

If you want to get schooled in all things Facebook Ads, so that you are ready to manage your own ads or those for your clients, you need to see my online training here.

So, take action now and check if this feature has been activated on your Facebook Page. If it has, think about the best way to use it for your business. Examples include “Get A Free Coffee”, “Free Gift With Any Purchase $25 or More”, “35% Off Sale Stock” or “Free 20 Minute Treatment”.

Not only will you get noticed by your current fans, you have the opportunity to reach thousands more people that haven’t even heard of you yet by virtue of their viral nature. Good luck!

Also, if you need the official word on Facebook Offers, you can find it here.

2 replies on “NEW FEATURE ALERT: Facebook Offers”

I’m curious…is Facebook slowly rolling this out on pages or should it be available on all pages? Two pages I manage have offers, but another doesn’t. It’s listed as a place and has a physical location, but I’m not able to create an offer at the moment.

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