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The 3 Primary Factors of Your Facebook Page

Know the WHAT, WHO and WHY of a Successful Facebook Brand Page.

It’s great you have a Facebook Page, but don’t just leave it sitting there.

Your Page should be a hub for sharing and engaging with current and potential customers while building your community.

It is vital for you to make ongoing connections and ensure your brand stays true to its identity, and the whole process should be serving to drive more traffic, sales and brand awareness.

So how do you make this happen?

OK, first things first. You’ve got to know your strategy.

WHAT are you trying to achieve and what do you want people to get from interacting with your brand on Facebook?

For this you need to know what you want your brand to mean to your customers.

For example:

Leo’s Fine Foods offers the best quality locally sourced gourmet delights in a gorgeous food boutique. We delight in sharing the unique story behind every product, and we do this with informative displays and personal service. We are passionate foodies who want to share our discoveries with our local community.

Using this as your foundation, you also need to pinpoint WHO you want to speak to. Who are your current customers, and who are your target customers?

For example:

Living in Inner Eastern Melbourne, men and women aged 32-54, urban, social, love discovering and sharing new food with friends and family, and passionate about quality and locally-sourced produce.

Now you need to know WHY you have a Facebook Page and what kind of relationship you want to build with your customers on there.  Also, do you want to use the Page to drive more members of your community so you can speak to more people easily, or do you want to drive traffic to your site or store?

For example:
We want to build connections and engage our customers on our Facebook Page, and inspire them to shop in our store at least twice a week as well as recommend us to their friends.

Armed with this information, you now have the perfect foundation to decide whether the topic, timing and targeting of your posts fit in with your WHAT, WHO, WHY.  Ensuring your content, conversations and posts are always in line with these three elements is an easy way to instantly optimise your fan page.

Next week, I’ll help you build on your strategy with a couple of quick tips on how to start building your Likes and connections in no time.

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