Promoted Posts Driving Spam On Your Facebook Page?

With the upswing in the use of Promoted Posts on Facebook Pages, there is a problem I am seeing time and time again.

Facebook says that Promoted Posts “can be seen by anyone in the post’s audience. Promoting a post does not affect who can see it. Instead, it bumps the post higher in news feed so more of the people you shared it with are likely to notice it.”

The key here is to dive deeper in to their definition of the post’s audience.

Facebook gives you the option to either target people who like your page OR people who like their page and their friends. You can see these options below, but I want to make sure that you always select the first option.

Sure, the second option seems like it makes sense. Wouldn’t you want your post to be seen by people who are kind of like your current fans? Well, this is true when you are selective with your targeting, as you can be when using the Friends of Fans targeting option in Ads Manager. But it is not true in the case of Promoted Posts, as the targeting capabilities are slim, and Facebook generally starts serving your Post up in the newsfeeds of users in farflung countries in Asia and Africa that would be way cheaper to target using ads.

The other side effect of showing these ads in such an untargeted way is that it attracts spammy comments on your Page, and who wants that?

Facebook released Promoted Posts to try and monetize more of their audience, especially those who find Facebook Ads too confusing or would never try them. It seems to be working as I hear more and more people using them with varying degrees of success.

The advantages of Promoted Posts are that your message shows up in the newsfeed of your audience (including Mobiles), they are pretty simple to activate and are fairly cheap too. I suggest you test them with an engaging post that includes a link to your content, service or product and see if they work for you. You can do this with as little as $10, depending on the size of your Facebook Page.

At the end of the day, it is all about targeting on Facebook. Whether you use Facebook Ads or Promoted Posts, you must pay attention to who you most want to hear your message. Targeting keeps your costs down while driving the most value in your communication.

Have you used Promoted Posts yet? How did they turn out for you? Let me know in the comments below.