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Sun, Sand and Facebook

As I’m enjoying some holiday time in Gili Trawangan, a little island off Indonesia, I am happy to see the power of Facebook is well and truly part of the holiday culture.

Want to know what’s happening back home? Just pop down to a cafe and log in to the patchy Wi-Fi and you are instantly connected to life back home, as well as being able to easily share your best holiday experiences with family and friends. I even got to do a call with Facebook Expert, Amy Porterfield on all things Facebook Ads with some of her members in the US!

I answered their burning questions and thought it may be worth sharing a couple of them with you.

What Do All The Metrics Mean And Which Ones Are Most Important?

The two key metrics you need to keep your eye on in your Facebook Ad campaigns are Click Through Rate (CTR) and Reach. Reach tells you how many users have seen your ad, and CTR tells you how many of those people have clicked on your ad. These are critical to optimising your campaigns and ensuring the success of your ad.

Once your Reach exceeds 2,000 you have a good base to assess your CTR which needs to be sitting above 0.02% for the ad to really be working well for you.

What Do You Need For An Effective Custom Tab?

The biggest choice in relation to your Custom Tab is to Reveal or not to Reveal.

I am definitely a fan of the Non-Reveal, as I believe that collecting emails is your No.1 priority and I don’t think you should put any barriers in place to people signing up to hear more from you. I have tested this with several different Pages and find that you still get a good number of Likes for your Page without a reveal tab.

Reveal tabs can also be a little “buggy” and slow on some browsers and servers, so I think the old adage of Keep It Simple, Stupid always wins!

Want to know more? Visit me on Facebook and ask me your burning questions.


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