Ad Targeting Facebook Facebook Pages

The Know, Like & Trust Factor Drives Facebook Ads Too

It’s not like I didn’t know the power of truly activating a Facebook Page with targeted Facebook Ads, but the campaign I ran for a client today really brought the point home.

By activating a Facebook presence for a retail destination, within one day the page received 147 Likes. This was driven in part by two ads that I split tested.

One of which promoted an event that has broader appeal targeted to an audience within an 80km radius of the destination. This resulted in 50% of Clicks converted to Likes.

The other advertisement which targeted nearby residents within a 10km radius had the same Click Through Rate of 0.06%, however the ad converted 90% of Clicks to Likes.

Both ads served a purpose, and received a low CPC, and met the objective of driving new page Likes. But the efficiency of the more precisely targeted advertisement performed so much better in terms of the objective, for the same investment.

Check out the Audience Diagrams side by side. these can be found in your Ad Manager and are a great way to get “at a glance” ad performance. The aim with all Facebook Ads is to get the green and the orange circles as large as possible within the blue circle. This demonstrates the reach and effectiveness of your ads.

Having managed several campaigns that have been sending clicks off Facebook, it was great to reinforce just how much cheaper and more effective sending your ads within Facebook is. It really is the way to extract the most value for your ad spend, and with all the opportunities to integrate elements of your site with your Fan Page, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be doing it now.

Have you shied away from a Facebook Page strategy? If so, leave a comment and share why you haven’t jumped in yet. Also, feel free to ask a question.