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Are You Paying Too Much For Facebook Likes?

It’s great to build Likes with Facebook Ads as they can grow your fan base much faster than you can do alone.

But how much are your Likes costing you, and how do you know if you’re paying too much?

The amount you pay for a Like from Facebook Ads can vary, and is influenced by how effective your ads are (better ads get cheaper clicks), and whether or not you have a Welcome Tab set up on your Page (to prompt for the Like).

According to this handy infographic from the guys at Flowtown, the cost of a Like varies for each industry, with the most expensive being $1.27 for Healthcare and the cheapest being 31c for e-Commerce.

Although, it’s handy to have an industry breakdown, without the definitions of what fits in to each category you may still be a little baffled.

The important thing to takeaway from this study is the variance itself. If the average cost of your Likes are falling within this range, regardless of your industry or niche, then you’re doing pretty well.

I find the average cost per like sits mostly sits around 95c, with some exceptions. And yes, this is more expensive than what you could pay for Bulk Likes from faceless masses, but the aim of your Facebook Page is to foster a community of targeted buyers, so a posse of fake Likers would be a little bit stupid, especially because they don’t buy anything!


If you want to get your Cost Per Like even lower, try these tips:

1. Ask for the Like in your ad copy with phrases like “Click Like below to find out more”

2. Make your ad targeting as laser-focused as possible, DO NOT use broad category targeting!

3. Actively engage with your audience on your Facebook Page so that they Like and Share your content which will lead to more free Likes.

As you know, I put a higher value on obtaining email addresses over Likes, so don’t forget to collect emails on your Custom Tab too.

If you have any questions about getting more Likes, come and post them on my Facebook Page (and don’t forget to Like it while you’re there :)).