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What The Dalai Lama Taught Me About Online Marketing

I had the great pleasure of seeing the Dalai Lama give a talk yesterday on compassion and wisdom. The best part though, was that his insights are so relevant to the world of online marketing as well as the world, period.

Without effort, without action, prosperity will not come

So when His Holiness shared this insight, I couldn’t help but think how easy it is to have so many ideas for products and services to market online, But these ideas mean nothing unless you go about packaging your programs, creating the content and spreading the word. Those that are successful online don’t spend that much time on strategy and tweaking their web design, they just get cracking selling their products and programs.

I’ve been using action for some time to combat overwhelm in creating a business I love. It is as soothing as prayer or meditation.

Trust brings fame

The Dalai Lama was reflecting on how fame affects his message and his place in the universe. Importantly, he highlighted that you always want to have a good name and reputation and you foster this through sincerity and honesty.

In an industry of snake oil salesman and hype, I’m going to focus on building trust and friendship on my way to creating a successful online business.

There’s plenty of reasons to be optimistic

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You better believe it. The time is ripe for the online entrepreneur and I’m grabbing the opportunity with both hands. Never before has the tools to get your message and great work out there in the world been so accessible, so get going, be sincere and authentic and get excited about what you can make happen.

Oh, and go and see the Dalai Lama if he’s in your town soon. Otherwise, you could always be one of the 1.6 million people who Like his Facebook Page at What better way to communicate your wisdom than Facebook?