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Promoting Your Next Webinar On Facebook

Webinars are becoming a much more common tool to drive sales in both online and offline businesses. It gives you a great opportunity to share some of your valuable information with a targeted audience of new and existing customers all over the world.

They can be lots of fun, but they can also be a little anxiety-inducing, especially if you’re short on attendees. You want to make the webinar a worthwhile event and reach as many potential clients as possible, and that’s why Facebook is the perfect tool to increase your attendees. In promoting your next webinar, there are a few Facebook fundamentals you want to have in place to boost your sign ups.

Firstly, create a registration landing page, preferably as a Custom Tab on your Facebook Page. This should be simple and clear and should highlight the key takeaway atttendees will get from the webinar as well as where they need to enter their details to register.

Here is an example of a Facebook Custom Tab we created for one of my clients, Dr Sara Gottfried, to promote her upcoming webinar that shows women how to overcome their hormones imbalances and feel more vital.

sara gottfried

Setting up the tab is the first step you need to put in place, and the second step in your Facebook Marketing Plan is to create some Facebook Ads to reach a targeted audience of those most eager to hear your message.

The best type of ad to promote your webinar is a standard marketplace ad with an image, headline and copy communicating the key benefit of attending, and one that connects with the message on the Custom Tab. This gives the best possible chance of conversions as Page Post Ads can require an extra step that can impact conversions.

Here is the best performing ad of the campaign so far. We have targeted Mature Women who have Likes and Interests on Facebook that include Dr Oz, OWN Network and Dr Christiane Northrup:

Top Performer

Without the very important layer of Facebook Marketing, your webinar could be missing out on reaching a much wider, targeted audience, especially while you’re still growing your email list. I hope that this quick case study provides you with some food for thought on how to use Facebook to boost your webinar registrations. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below or over on my Facebook Page.