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What I Know For Sure About Facebook Ads

There’s always a whole lot of discussion going on about whether Social Media is worthwhile, and when the demise of Facebook is coming, particularly with the launch of Google +.

I’ve got to admit, I have been playing around on Google +, and I am enjoying the cut-through and simplicity of it from a social and business networking perspective.

It is clearly popular amongst “Early-Adopters” and the Online Marketing community, but it still has a way to go before it proves itself to have the power of Facebook as a platform, especially for business.

That’s not to say it won’t provide opportunities for us as marketers, but it is still very much the New Kid On The Block.

Lewis Howes, who is the Go To Guy for LinkedIn, wants me to do some Facebook Ads for him and I told him that I’d love to help him build his online audience.

As we set about developing the right strategy, he threw out a challenge, or a legitimate question.  Or maybe it was both.

He wanted to know whether he should invest further in Facebook since he is seeing a decline in engagement on his Page since Google +.

After I pondered his question for about 1 second, I could barely contain my desire to share with Lewis exactly what I know for sure about Facebook, and why Facebook Ads are still of enormous value to his brand.

1. Facebook Ads Offer Unrivalled Targeting Potential
Would you prefer to target people searching for a Yoga Classes on Google? Or would you rather target Women Aged 25-40 living in Manhattan, who wear lululemon athetica, have read Eat Pray Love and are inspired by the Dalai Lama with Facebook Ads?

2. Pictures Tell Your Story Better Than Words
A Facebook Ad can ride on the success of a well selected image alone. The image also shows off your brand personality so much more than text alone.

3. An Integrated Approach To Rival The Whole Internet
Connecting with authenticity and value could not be easier once you catch their awareness with a Facebook Ad, bring them over to your Page, capture their email, and then start a meaningful and lasting dialogue that leads to more sales over time. This is not possible as quickly and as scalable anywhere else online.

So, after I’d pointed all that out to Lewis, he was ready to push the button on his new Facebook Ad campaign. Not surprising really…

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