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Want To Try Facebook Retargeting?

Facebook now gives you the opportunity to show ads to those who have visited your website, or landing page with their Retargeting feature in Power Editor.
This gives you the opportunity to revisit your Facebook Ad traffic, which is particularly useful if they didn’t buy the first time.
Take a look at this video from my Facebook Ads training for coaches and consultants and start using this powerful feature:


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NEW: Call To Action Buttons In Facebook Ads

Sick of relying on links in your Newsfeed Ads to get your audience to your offer?

Facebook have added a new feature in there ever-complex Power Editor to try and combat this problem, now giving users the opportunity to add a call to action button IN their ads.

You now have the choice of adding Shop Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Book More & Download to your Page Post Newsfeed Ads, only when you create them in Power Editor and only when they link to a webpage.

Watch this quick video and see how to set your own up today.


I’ve been testing and haven’t seen a massive increase in conversions compared to using Facebook link ads without a new Call To Action Button, but this may be because they are quite new and Facebook Users are just getting used to them.

Regardless, they are definitely worth a try.

Call To Action Posts

Here is what they look like in your newsfeed:

Call To Action Button

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