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Be Remarkable With Facebook Ads

My kids were driving me crazy today.  Despite the fact that we’d gone to see the latest Harry Potter movie, they were really making my shopping trip less than pleasurable.

The rescue came in the form of the guy in the toy store. He took the time to chat to my girls and engage them in some of his new products in between finding me the perfect gift for a friend’s child.

The kids and I walked out of the store smiling from the engaging service we had received.

It was remarkable.

So, it got me thinking about the things you can do to stand out amongst the competition, and how it can create enormous value in your business.

Next time you set about creating your Facebook Ads, see what you can do to make them remarkable. The following suggestions are just a start:

  • Delight with a funny or endearing image
  • Surprise by using the user’s  Age or Hometown in the copy of your ad (you can target prospects by these demographics)
  • Say Happy Birthday to your fans and give them access to a special offer (this is also a targeting option)

Making your Facebook Ads remarkable is about setting your brand apart from your competition and creating a special connection with your audience. You want the first impression of your brand to be positively memorable, not just to get a click, but to eventually get a conversion and customer for life.

Do you find anything remarkable about these ads? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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