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The Top 5 Benefits Of Keeping Your Ad Traffic On Facebook

I’m sure you know by now from my previous posts and Facebook Page that I believe strongly in keeping your Facebook Ad traffic on Facebook. In fact, I’m fanatical about it!

It not only gives you more opportunity to engage with your customers, but it also has some other great bonuses.

When your Facebook Ad clicks to a Facebook Page with a custom landing tab that captures email addresses, you unlock these 5 major benefits:

1. Your Ads Cost Less

Facebook reward advertisers who keep their traffic on Facebook with cheaper Ads. They want to keep users on Facebook, so they provide you with cheaper clicks. Got to be happy with that!

2. You Get To Double Dip From Your Traffic

With a Custom Landing Tab that encourages your Facebook Ad traffic to sign up for a bite-sized free taste of your service, you have a brand new lead-generator that works in tandem with your website. You can even provide links to your site for added SEO power. The double effect comes in to play by also encouraging visitors to Like your Page, and then consistently engaging with them on Facebook and via email. That’s fantastic exposure for your brand.

3. You Can Leverage Their Friends

When those lovely new “Likers” have Liked your Page as a result of a Facebook Ad, that action shows up in their newsfeed to their on average 130 friends, who may just be curious enough to check out your Page and offer too. Gotta love the Friend Factor.

4. You Build Trust Faster

By introducing your offer on Facebook, your audience will already feel more open to your brand because they haven’t moved out of the Facebook Comfort Zone. Your brand benefits from the kudos of one of the most visited websites in the world, and if you make sure you focus on telling stories, teaching and building relationships rather than selling, this benefit provides lasting value.

5. Social Credibility Is Built-In

Facebook will happily tell your Ad Traffic which of their friends also likes your Page – IN YOUR AD. This happens automatically, otherwise you can select to run a Sponsored Story instead, which is all about telling the Friends of Your Fans that their friends Like you! Sponsored Stories can be really effective once you have at least 500 fans, and get favoured positioning from Facebook. Who doesn’t want to jump the queue when it comes to Ad placement?

These Ads show you examples of a Sponsored Story and a Facebook Ad that directs traffic to a Page – note the Social Cred opportunities on both.