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Getting More Traffic With You Tube – James Wedmore Talks

When I met James Wedmore a couple of weeks ago, I was more than impressed by the way he broke down quick and easy tips for using You Tube to build your audience online. So much so, that I cornered him into doing a live critique of my You Tube videos (eeeek!).

Although I had to face my video shame head on, he came up with some great, do-able tips for getting my videos more views and also converting visitors from You Tube to your list. This is worth thinking about if you want to send Facebook Ad traffic to your You Tube Channel instead of your Facebook Page, which is a great idea for some well-established You Tubers.

As you know Facebook Ads are my thing, so I was eager to learn more about You Tube. You can find out exactly what I do and don’t know by watching the video below! Hopefully you can benefit from the mini consulting session I got.

Video supercharges your online or offline business, and it really allows you to reach so many more people than just blogging. The best part is, people feel like they really get to know you too.

James has a great program called Video Traffic Academy that really helps you get You Tube savvy in just days. It is packed with content and is such great value, I really can’t believe it costs so little. If you want to check it out, you can click here.