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Target Fans & Friends Of Fans With Facebook Ads

Is it really worth building up your Page Likes on Facebook anymore?

With all the talk of declining Facebook Page engagement, the fact is that space in your client’s newsfeed has never been more competitive.

This isn’t going to change any time soon, and if anything, it will only get worse as more and more businesses jump on the Facebook Ads train.

So what to do with all those Facebook Page Likes you have already built up? Or do you even bother growing them?

Facebook Page Likes are still important for authority in your market (lots of Page Likes generally equal more credibility), and Facebook is like ¬†secondary interwebs now where people are searching for information about you and your business, so it’s always worthwhile to have a strong presence.

Even if your reach is declining, your posts still will reach your Facebook Fans and the more engaging they are, the more of those fans you will reach. So don’t give up, but do get smart.

If you already have Facebook Fans you can make sure they see all your posts and offers by targeting them specifically with Facebook Ads. The advantage of this is that you get higher engagement on these ads which means lower cost and bigger reach. You also get the opportunity to target Friends Of Fans Рpeople like your people.

Watch this video to see more:


The heart of this issue is that you want as many of your fans on your email list so you can contact them at any time, and if you don’t already have a good number of Page Likes, they are worth building up as they are going to be a source of warmer leads for your business.

The best ways to grow your Page Likes is by creating interesting, relevant and engaging content for your Facebook Page and running Facebook Ad campaigns. But regular Facebook Ad campaigns are fine to grow Likes – you don’t have to run Page Like Ads specifically as Newsfeed Ads can still grow Likes as well as website visitors.

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