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The 5 Inescapable Truths About Marketing On Facebook

Want Facebook to work harder for your business? I’ve found that your marketing efforts deliver BIG dividends when you pay attention to the following 5 Truths:

1. Stay Current

As we know, Facebook changes constantly. They are always working to increase activity and engagement, and never more than in the year of their IPO.

This means change is inevitable, but you must use it to your advantage.

Set yourself apart from the competition and maximize your marketing budget by staying in the loop with Facebook changes. You can find new ways to get seen, and it’s easy enough to do when you connect with the right sources.

I recommend the following resources to stay up to date with Facebook changes:

Facebook Marketing Solutions

Amy Porterfield

Mari Smith



2. Be Relevant 

The intention of your Facebook Page should be to deliver real value to your target audience. Discover what represents value to your market, and set about providing it.

This will require some trial and error, but by checking your Page Insights regularly, you can find out what your audience wants to hear more about as well as get a better picture of who your customers are in the Demographics section.

Create a profile in your mind of one single customer that represents your target market, think of that one person in all your Facebook posts and ad copy as this will speak to your market so much more than trying to be all things to all people.

Some great examples of knowing your market and staying relevant can be seen at:

Mamamia – A Lifestyle Resource For Busy Mums 

The Dash Community – Social Media Expert for Small Business, Laura Roeder shares her tips and info


3. Remain Authentic

Don’t fall into the trap of copying the strategies of your competitors or just posting “stiff” messages on your Page.

Your customers are on Facebook for entertainment and to connect with their friends and businesses they care about, so let them in while still staying true to your brand. This also fosters connection and creates the perfect relationship for future exchanges (that means they’re more likely to buy your stuff!).

I love the authenticity and personality of these women:

Marie Forleo  (Also, check out the brand new launch video for her brilliant online marketing training by clicking here )

Danielle LaPorte


4. Frequency Is Everything

Facebook requires consistent effort to build an audience and ensure your efforts get seen by the right kind of people. As you know, not everyone sees your page posts in their newsfeed, but you have more chance if you post at least twice daily.

I don’t like auto-posting tools generally, I really think HootSuite on Facebook is a turn-off. But, I have found a similar tool that features a your brand in the image rather than that pesky blue owl that everyone knows.

Check it out at


5. Facebook Ads Skyrocket Your Efforts

Now of course it wouldn’t be right not to mention the fact that Facebook Ads are the best way to get noticed on Facebook and build your audience. You can do it organically, it just takes far longer and is WAY more demotivating!

Facebook Ads put you front and centre before your ideal customers who otherwise would still be waiting to hear all about you. Facebook now have a whole raft of options to increase visitors to your Page and raise engagement. The new Facebook Offers and Page Post ads are my favourite for this.

Stay in touch with my news on this topic at, and you should also connect with Jen Sheahan at


When you deny these essential truths your Facebook Page will be a ghost town and all your efforts will be for nothing. Embrace them and you will have a beautiful new relationship with Facebook and soon find it will be the biggest referrer of traffic to your website – I promise!

Let me know which one of these truths you struggle with the most and why in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.



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Thanks for all this info and the great links – so appreciate you staying on top of all this – I’m working on building some remarkable content into my FB marketing – I just wish there were a few more hours in the day!

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