The Impact Of Timeline On Facebook Ads

Now that the new Facebook Timeline Profiles have well and truly arrived, you really need to give some thought into how your Facebook Ads will look in this new layout. Not that they will always be displayed on the Timeline layout (Home and Pages still show Ads as normal), but I have prepared a few quick tips to help you make the most out of the new layout.

The New Timeline Profile With Ads Highlighted With Orange Arrow

1. Make sure you use colourful photos of people as these seem to stand out most on the new busier blue background of the Timeline profile. The best thing is that these also work well on the original profiles too. Check out how much more impact the colour face pic has in the ad below.

2. Try not to use white backgrounds in the images as these can look too much like the rest of the timeline layout. Although white images with minimal text could work well, in the examples below, the images are either too small or too cluttered with text. Be careful to make sure the white is very clean and stark and not greyish.

3. Your Headline and Body Copy will be more disjointed in the Timeline layout, so make sure each of these elements stands alone, conveying your call to action without the headline flowing into the body copy.

4. You cannot preview your ad on the new Timeline profile when you create it in the Ads Manager as the preview still shows you the original format. This means you should be paying attention to how other ads appear in the Timeline and taking note of what pops and what doesn’t.

5. Most of all, as always you will need to test, test, test!

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I hope you’ve done your Christmas shopping by now and you’ve been enjoying some Christmas cheer! It looks set to be a very warm Christmas Day here in Melbourne, and I’m looking forward to celebrating with family and friends. My two little girls are very excited to see what Santa will be bringing them! Enjoy the rest of your week.



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Excellent tips, but I have a different problem. I created new profiles and then went about creating a new page followed by trying to add a new app, and Facebook repeatedly kicked me out saying it’s not a natural person. And, at one point it even block an account from accessing.

Why I wanted create a new profile and not use my own personal profile: I want to use the new profile/s to promote add apps and adds to for my business and not tie that to my personal profile. The reason behind that is simple. I wanna keep those two totally separate, to keep my private life to friends and family only and to socialize, and not reveal to the world that I am promoting my business to. And, only want to promote business to prospective buyers/clients, etc., from a profile (made up) that don’t have my real info as my real profile does. I wanna maintain my privacy. So, now please advice me how can I accomplish that, or should I start with creating a business account, where I don’t have to reveal my personal Facebook profile. How can accomplish that, thanks.

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