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The Power Of Facebook Promoted Posts

With a desire to get more users paying to reach their customers, Facebook created Promoted Posts last year as an “easy button” advertising solution to overcome the complex nature of their Ads Manager.

Promoted Posts are available on most Personal Pages and Business Pages with over 100 Likes. They are designed to allow you to overcome the limiting nature of Facebook’s newsfeed, which means your Page posts don’t reach all your fans , so Promoted Posts allow you to pay to reach more of them and show up in their newsfeed.

Promoted Posts show up in your Fans and Friends newsfeeds and are tagged as Sponsored, and display like this:

Here are 4 Tips to make the most out of Promoted Posts and get your message out their to all your Facebook Fans:

1. Maximize Your Popular Posts
If you have a post on your Page that is getting more engagement (more Likes, Comments and Shares) than usual, you should use the Promote feature. The post has to have been posted within the past 6 hours, but all you need to do is click on the Promote feature at the bottom right of the post feature.

2. Use The Targeting Feature To Get More Focus
Add targeting to your Page posts so only the most relevant people will see them in their news feeds. Before you publish your post just click the Compass/Target symbol at the bottom left next to the Location symbol as shown here:

Then Click Add Targeting and choose one or more filters:
• Gender
• Relationship Status
• Education
• Interested In
• Age
• Location
• Language

Once each of these options are clicked, you can select options on the right as you can see in the image below:

The targeting symbol often only appears once you click on the Promote button, and some Pages have reported that they are unable to access this feature at all, but if you have the Promote feature, the targeting feature should show up once you start composing your post.

3. Select Likers Only
Promoted Posts are distributed on an optimized CPM basis according to the lifetime (not daily) budget. This means they are often served to less desirable countries with lower cost impressions and this means some wasted impressions to far flung countries outside of your market. Although Facebook have said this has been addressed late last year, you should only select those that have already Liked your Page.

4. Monitor Performance
On your Business Page, shortly after promoting a Page post, you’ll be able to see its performance at the bottom of the post in the links to the left of the Promote button.

To see more information about the total percentage of people who like your Page and saw your post organically, as well as the total percentage of people who like your Page that you reached through the promotion, hover over or click on the x% link as shown below:

Promoted Posts are a great way to ensure key posts are seen by all your Facebook Fans. After doing the work to build your Page, you may as well make sure that you get in front of those prospects at every opportunity. Even though you have to pay to do this, compared to traditional alternatives it is a relatively small investment. If you want to get your posts out to friends of fans and others who are yet to Like your Page, try Page Post Ads instead that can be created in your Ads Manager (you can learn how to create one in my quick video at

For more video training on how to use Promoted Posts, watch my video at, and make sure you Like My Facebook Page to keep up to date with my Facebook Marketing tips.

13 replies on “The Power Of Facebook Promoted Posts”

Thank you for your clear and helpful hints. I wish Facebook didn’t include “sponsored” as it would be better for people not to see that. It doesn’t always show up as sponsored on my paid posts. Thanks again,

Loved your email Victoria…I must say I was happy to hear you say how I felt…that Facebook ads are awesome for businesses!

…and this post is too! I am spending more money on promoted posts lately than anything else and traffic is sky-rocketing.

Your teachings has made the biggest impact on my business…for one I have more happy clients 🙂

I found that promoted posts are PERFECT only when you use something funny (not selling), exactly as you used in your example of pets (the dog) or kids..etc
And it really goes viral!

Do you think it would work well with promoting a (buying) action there instead of just enjoying audience with fun?

Great post. The statistics on promoted posts usage are impressive, and they’ll definitely continue growing in 2013.

The problem with promoted posts however, is that the larger the page, the more the cost of promoting a post. And given the number of brands and pages that proactively spent years building their fanbase, the new problem will be picking which posts are worth promoting.

I have tried to follow your instructions above but it’s not giving me the same option as you instructed in your article. When I click on Promote a post it does not give me an option to select to target my friends only and I also can not change the gender, relationship status etc. When I write a post it automatically select my friends and their friends and there is no option for me to change that anywhere. Why? I looked all over and it’s just not giving me the same option as you explained here.

Maybe this is an older post, but I think the % of people that have seen a post (that you show in the last photo) went away a long time ago. I know I can no longer see a %, just the number of people who have seen the post. Also, I’ve never had to promote a post to select targeting, it’s just always an option when posting. Is that not the case for you – or is there maybe a glitch? I’ve never experienced that personally.

Speaking of targeting, you mentioned that they often target “less desirable” locations – do you know if you can prevent that by targeting a location before posting and promoting? For example, if I target the US & Canada and then promote the post to fans and friends of fans – will only those people in the US & Canada see the promoted post?


Hi Julie, I vcan still see the % of people who have seen a post on all the Pages I manage. Yes, you can select targeting on some pages when you post also, but without promoting the post you will not reach all your page fans like you can by using Promoted Posts.

Thanks for the tips Victoria. It makes sense to only show the sponsored post to people who already like your page. I think many people (Including myself) initially tend to think of showing the post to friends of likers to help grow their pages which may make some people angry as they have no interest in your page in the first place.

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