Your Facebook Ads At A Glance

Quick Tip:

Want a push-button solution to get all your Facebook Ad stats at once? Facebook to the rescue!

When you’re next in your Ad Manager, click on Campaigns on the left hand side and you’ll see the following options come up in the centre of your screen above the listing for all your ads:

Just click on Full Report and you’ll get a line by line listing of all the key stats you need to know about each and every ad you have ever run. All on one page. How good is that? You can check your average Cost Per Click or Cost Per Impression, Ad Spend and Connections (Likes generated) over the campaign lifetime or within a specified date.

This button is a great Ready Reckoner for checking the health of your campaigns overall, and another example of the great free reporting tools that sit within Facebook.

Although you should be actively monitoring each campaign in order to optimise your results, it’s always good to have a shortcut if you need to check on something fast. And trust me, I love a shortcut!

There are more in depth reporting tools that sit within your Facebook Ad Manager at

I really love the Responder Demographics report. It sounds scary, but it is really just a great tool to give you a peek into the kind of people that like your ads the most. This kind of information is gold for tweaking your targeting.

I want to help make your Facebook Ad campaigns super-successful, so please email me at and let me know where you are getting stuck with Facebook Ads, otherwise just leave a comment below. I will try and help you out as best I can.

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